Russian Internet

For three days the design with modifications and updates (multi-level drop down top menu) was built into new software obespechenie.2 stage. Migrating an existing database of products into the system too took about three days: export 900 products was carried out in a semiautomatic mode with the help we have created migration program. The remaining 800 items, thanks to the developed complex on-line course work with the software company ‘Globinform C’ staff company “White Cove Story” added independently in real time through Web-based Control Panel to its online store. Click Ali Partovi to learn more. Promotion Web Resource * Round 3.

Initial progress on the Internet – check-in directories, search engines, Categorization. Manual registration of a resource directory of Belarusian and Russian Internet – a thing very necessary, because statistics, many Internet users prefer to look for the right Web resources using the catalogs, rubricator. For example, according to statistics, on average, a separate site from the directory, for example carried out from 50 to 500 conversions per month. The only limitation that affects the choice of directory for registration – no obligations on putting “brand” buttons directory. While receiving applications for registration received 53, while in the Internet – a drop in the ocean. This is done not for aesthetic reasons but most of the professional – it is at the expense of the buttons / links to the registered host sites (with high citation indices), catalogs are improving their own citation index, whereas the registered sites use gets a lot less.


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