Educative Process

The technologies as mediating of the educative process Juliana de Paula Iennaco ' ' They always see the technology as an allied to the process to learn and to teach. It must be easy to use and adequate to the objectives of she uses who them. It always distrusts of what it is difficult to use or that the light a if to worry more about the technology that with otema of interesse.' ' Profa. Dra. Helosa Vieira of the Rock In times of full technological evolution, would be a desvario of the schools not to adopt the digital ways in favor of the education. The children and young interact with the digital ways in the tricks, in the pertaining to school research, the moments of leisure and many arrive at the school without motivation for the academic activities when they are confrotted with the lack of technology in the classrooms. Many schools have if equipped with computers, access to the Internet and other medias, however what it hears on the part of the professors is that they are not being prepared to use all this ' ' parafernlia' '.

The result is equipment if becoming obsolete without having been used it stops in fact to promote or to assist the learning. But of who it is the comprometimento of the formation of the professor? Of the facultieses? Of the government? Of the proper professors? Who knows would not be of an addition of all these segments? The quarrel has if warm and some researchers have if dedicated to this search. Brave affirms that ' ' the computers are propitiating a true revolution in the which had process of teach-learning, mainly, the variety of programs for aid of education and the learning. However, the biggest contribution of the half educational computer as happens of the fact of its use to have provoked the questioning of the methods and processes of education utilizados' '.


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