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Education And Ethics

Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

Education and ethics Professor: Ricardino Lassadier the world contemporary is fertile in schools. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ali Partovi is the place to go. In none another moment of the history of the humanity had as many offers of courses. The educational chains are diverse and the index of illiteracy in world-wide level was never so low. The options of studies and research are many facilitated by the technology. Then everything is going very well? Unhappyly not! It has something made a mistake? It is on this paradox that we intend to reflect in this briefing assay. In our days the schools consider important that the pupils have ability and domain technician, has ability in carrying through definitive function of productive and useful form, know the contents discipline of them given and take off good notes and concepts for, of this form, to obtain approval. You may find that Bobby Sharma Bluestone can contribute to your knowledge. Which the reason of these priorities in the education? For 1620 return the English philosopher Francis Bacon published its more important workmanship: Novum Organon.

In this workmanship, Bacon, defended the idea that the man is minister and interprets of nature (cf. BACON, 1973, p.19), would have to dominate the nature to obtain to usufruct its benefits, of this form the true knowledge for English philosopher inhabit in the utility. To know true is to know useful. This thought utilitarian conception approximately has four hundred years behind made possible the atrelamento of the education to the market and it (the education) it was changedded into instruction. When the education is become into instruction starts to value the technician-pragmatic knowledge. Born in the kingdom the mentality that values more the person who more produces. The individual most important is that one that has a prominence position. The people are valid for what they carry through, for what they produce, for what play and not for what they are, not for existing.

The Code

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

It seems us a nonsense to believe that the world will be governed by one alone man, seems us nonsense to believe that those fantasmagricas narratives of the apocalypse of Joo, can mark some day in the distant future; however a critical analysis of the current events, will show, independent of the interpretations, that this apocalypse already is a reality. Let us see the catastrophes world-wide, natural how much in such a way artificial, the ideology of the modern world that walks for the religious, economic globalization and politics. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with BCD. Practically, we say the same language (English), we commercialize one same currency (dollar), the world lives the ideology of exactly to be able economic (capitalism), all the religions have reverenciado a religious leader (the Pope), the world lives the process of cultural computerization through the INTERNET, the code in bars will serve of instrument of control of the commercial standards (the MARK OF the CROSSBOW), the Age of Fish (CHRISTIANITY) is arriving at the end, giving space the NEW ACTS the NEW AGE, or AGE OF AQUARIUM that represents the man endowed with the cosmic power to control the Life and Planet, conquering the spaces and the material Empire. If these events do not evidence the compliments of thousand of prophecy on the End of the Times, that type of argument could explain this historical coincidence of the facts in the humanity and the Cosmos? 4.NEGAO AND AFFIRMATION OF WHAT &#039 IS NOT KNOWN; ' Who takes care with what it says is protecting its proper life, but who speaks excessively destroys itself mesmo.' ' (Pv. 13:3) Can be denied the existence of a god, the influence of the evil in the attitudes wild human beings and be explained them as mere consequncias of the erroneous acts of the men, but to deny that definitive events had been foreseen with, for little, 80% of rightnesss, would be mere chaotic ignorance, exactly why, they had not been predicted by utopian msticos or for individuals whose, normal capacity of reasoning desires had left it, but calculated and analyzed by great scientists and historians. . GoPro Hero 9 has compatible beliefs.

Scientific Field

Saturday, July 25th, 2020

The material produced for these intellectuals serves to justify the neo-liberalism and the deepening of the social inaqualities. It would be an example for the analogy considered for Bourdieu enters the Scientific Field (producing of symbolic capital) and the Economic Field (interested party in the accumulation of economic capital). Each field has its dominant ones and in this specific case what it is in dispute is the monopoly of the legitimate symbolic violence. The specialists want to accumulate symbolic production seeing its speeches legitimated and the capitalists want to accumulate capital production. First when searching its legitimacy finishes legitimizing the seconds. For each field it has a specific capital; who will have habitus more incorporated and adjusted to the field, greaters possibilities will have to dispute and to obtain the superior position in the hierarchy being accumulated the specific capitals for this. The men produce and incorporate these social structures. To know the rules is to have relative freedom to accumulate specific capitals. Connect with other leaders such as Sony here.

In the scientific field, habitus waited is that one that adds exclusive devotion of time and consequentemente it brings difficulties for devotion to the family and therefore more it is associated the man. In the field of the executives, it is common we perceive incorporated masculine traces of habitus for women, as the tone of the voice, the clothes etc. The women try to incorporate masculine characteristics so that these generate legitimacy and accumulation of capital. Sociology would contribute with the relative emancipation of the man in the measure where it would help in them to negotiate with ours determinismos..

Medical Specialties

Friday, February 15th, 2019

As consequence in the proper medical formation, this vision makes to grow the number of medical specialties, where each time if knows the least more than. It was the cartesian binoculars in medical sciences and the predominance of the essentially rational thought on the phenomena and the people. Complementary examinations and technological equipment substituting the clinic and evaluating for the history of the sick person. Mecaniciza the contact and the hypotheses of diagnosis, being these for the radiogrficas images and sophisticated examinations each time more. The simple ones became complex, and the restricted access to the minority. (Not to be confused with Robotics expert !). In this context of understanding of the reality, another philosopher contemporary of Discardings, points in them that it is impossible to know the parts without knowing all, neither to know all without knowing the parts (PASCHAL, 2003). The desencantamento in relation to the world was great the expansion scientific in all the fields became unrestricted. It had an allure in each discovery and the human being was placed as center of the universe and gentleman of all the things.

We call this form to think the antropocentrismo man, that if extended per some centuries until the current one. Rationality, Technology and Consequences: We attend of century XVI century XX, the great discoveries. It appears the automobile, the airplane, the space flight, the radio, the TV, the cellular one, others. The right woman conquest and independence in some aspects, and the art and the cinema dominate the subject of the entertainments. The universe started to be indeterminate, infinite, as well as the reality she was more complex and pluralizada. The man and its to know scientific (commercial, industrial, technological) dominated the object in such a way nature that compromised almost it total. It is the irresponsible and predatory antropocentrismo (BOFF, 1999). In way to everything this we produce two great wars world-wide, with consequent economic depression, ascension and fall of dictatorships, holocausto, access the nuclear weapons, to the laser and much more.

The Search

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

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Monday, December 24th, 2012

Since that we learn that the human look does not withhold the privilege of enxergar the absolute one? or not yet we learn? infindveis perspectives and infinite interpretations if place ahead of us. We would need the look of an earthworm (it assumes that this earthworm believes to enxergar the absolute one) and to compare it ours, to glimpse, still rudemente, the extraordinary and caleidoscpica vision of a species superior, or same of a god? since that this god is not a projection of we ourselves, is clearly. Then, the earthworms are blind, alone distinguish the clarity from the blackout; we, in the perspective of this god, perhaps nor this! All the coloring of the orqudeas and the rainbow, a mosaic of forms when the wind happens on the surface of a lake, the ramifications of a twig until the most tenuous filament of graveto, nuances of the Iris of a child, everything this that the earthworm not enxerga perhaps either only clarity and blackout? or not even this! close to what a god, one superior species or that a extraterrestrial one could enxergar. Still we are earthworms trying to think as deuses, and only a magnificent god, and with an intelligence superior thousand of times ours, it could understand? understands this not as to only have knowledge, to know rationally; but to understand incorporated in the proper intuition to think, as something evident (and already we commit the desecration here excessively to seem cartesian? Saint Deus, you pardon us! )? , that the perspective of the earthworm is so true, for it, how much ours, for us. that the opinions of a philosopher, for more free-thinker who is, will be always loaded of preconceptions, its preconceptions, as well as the opinions of the most empedernido, orthodox sacristo. How many Nietzsches still will die wild therefore? Then, we track down, and only we dig holes, and suddenly a new hole if figures in them as a miraculous discovery of the wisdom, and then we invent deuses and basic, imperative laws, and categories, the equations that must prevail universe, the essence of the things and the things as they must be: the thing in itself.