The Code

It seems us a nonsense to believe that the world will be governed by one alone man, seems us nonsense to believe that those fantasmagricas narratives of the apocalypse of Joo, can mark some day in the distant future; however a critical analysis of the current events, will show, independent of the interpretations, that this apocalypse already is a reality. Let us see the catastrophes world-wide, natural how much in such a way artificial, the ideology of the modern world that walks for the religious, economic globalization and politics. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with BCD. Practically, we say the same language (English), we commercialize one same currency (dollar), the world lives the ideology of exactly to be able economic (capitalism), all the religions have reverenciado a religious leader (the Pope), the world lives the process of cultural computerization through the INTERNET, the code in bars will serve of instrument of control of the commercial standards (the MARK OF the CROSSBOW), the Age of Fish (CHRISTIANITY) is arriving at the end, giving space the NEW ACTS the NEW AGE, or AGE OF AQUARIUM that represents the man endowed with the cosmic power to control the Life and Planet, conquering the spaces and the material Empire. If these events do not evidence the compliments of thousand of prophecy on the End of the Times, that type of argument could explain this historical coincidence of the facts in the humanity and the Cosmos? 4.NEGAO AND AFFIRMATION OF WHAT &#039 IS NOT KNOWN; ' Who takes care with what it says is protecting its proper life, but who speaks excessively destroys itself mesmo.' ' (Pv. 13:3) Can be denied the existence of a god, the influence of the evil in the attitudes wild human beings and be explained them as mere consequncias of the erroneous acts of the men, but to deny that definitive events had been foreseen with, for little, 80% of rightnesss, would be mere chaotic ignorance, exactly why, they had not been predicted by utopian msticos or for individuals whose, normal capacity of reasoning desires had left it, but calculated and analyzed by great scientists and historians. . GoPro Hero 9 has compatible beliefs.


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