The Mail

A strategy I have used is to send a sequence of messages to those prospects by offering a bonus or a discount special. You can send information to customers who are using a limited version of the product. In the form of follow-up mailings, which can be sent during the following month. You can then add single bonds in the mail that is sent, eventually offering an economic discount. It is also interesting to be creating the urgency of the offer ends on a particular day. 3. Subscribers also their clients, customers and prospects, you can start building a list of subscribers.

They can join your list in exchange for getting something for free. It is a highly recommended by all the promoters online that you put a form to fill out for your newsletter or newsletter on every page of your site … If you do not, visitors do not buy is likely to never return. Think of it this way. The average conversion rate for a product below the fifty dollars is around 2%.

This means that 98% of your visitors leave your site without buying. This is a colossal amount of potential prospects you is letting go. There is a simple way to capture some of those 98% who leave your site … For example, put a form on your Web site or email a link directed to your auto responder, offering visitors to subscribe to your list mail. In return, offer something for free. It could be a free report, a newsletter, an electronic journal, a special discount, a coupon, a course, etc …


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