The Complex

Concomitantly, we come across with the uncertainty of the Real thanks to the errors and here described illusions. Therefore, one becomes necessary that the Man is realistic in the complex direction: to understand the uncertainty of the Real, to know that it has something possible still invisible in the Real. The same uncertainty acomete the knowledge that, in the same way will have to be understood and to be analyzed of ample and complex form. On the imprevisibilidade in the long run it describes that actions can have its results calculated in short term, but its results are unexpected in the long run. Thus, no action is insurance to occur in the direction of its intention. However, the ecology of the action invites us not to the inao, but to the challenge that recognize its risks and to the strategy that allow to modify, even though to annul, the undertaken action. Thus, the strategy must prevail in such a way on the set of action of a program that it minimizes the unexpected consequences of these actions. It finishes the chapter placing that, in history, we have seen frequently, unhappyly, that the possible one if becomes impossible and can pressentir that the richest possibilities human beings still remain impossible of if carrying through.

But we also saw that the unexpected one becomes possible and if it carries through; we saw frequently that the improbable one if carries through what the probable one more than; let us know, then, to wait the unexpected one and to work for the improbable one. In VI the chapter, Morin guides to teach us to it the understanding. In a world where the communication wins, being the planet crossed for cellular nets, fax, telephones, modems, Internet, the incompreenso remains general. The problem of the understanding became crucial for the human beings. E, for this reason, must be one of the purposes of the education of the future, not an education for a rational and mathematical understanding, but an education that the understanding between the people teaches as condition and guarantee of the intellectual and moral solidarity of the humanity and, for conseguinte, that assures the survival species.


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