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The expansion of the businesses and the consolidation of the great companies have influenced in the growth of the companies that serve of mail, have become a way strategic and effective to satisfy the expectations that the client has. With the necessity to pay attention to other more important factors concerning positioning and strategy of business, within the chain of provision of each company it has been begun to delegate the functions of logistic to companies of courier really able to obtain what each company looks for. These have acquired a high level of technology, the knowledge and the service that allows to a suitable management and control them of each objective. As a company always is looking for the expansion, it is necessary to choose the priorities that imply majors benefits for the company. About this sense, the great companies think about the development, focusing the attention in the development of the areas that promise improvements in the long term. Nevertheless, they do not want to lose his quality and the attention to the clients, because gains perderian in market. With companies of courier it is possible to be saved time and money because no longer they must invest in making the red tape or worrying about the arrival of the shipments, that is to handle the control of the situation of each. For a great company that is more beneficial if it leans in a companion who knows on the management of the logistics which he complements his services. The companies of courier are specialists who know on specific subjects in relation to, possibly, everything what is the load transport, the transport of all type of packages, handling of the documentation necessary to obtain one more a faster and effective delivery, as well as reviewing the state of each shipment and to verify if they arrived successfully at the final destiny.

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