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NEW! EDUCATIONAL OFFER SECOND NATIONAL CALL 250.000Tecnologia formulation Projects: Training program focuses on training professionals entrepreneurs with knowledge based on the development of relevant projects, viable, productive and innovative and high technology. Tecnico in Multimedia Development : special focus on the design and development of multimedia solutions with quality graphics and interactive. Tecnico Developing Logistics Operations in the supply chain: coordination and management of distribution and clearance processes. Tecnico in Coating with Paint on Wood: training emphasis on wood coating processes and materials, color tones, among other techniques. Tecnico Grafico Developing construction project: training focused on the interpretation, graphic design and architectural solutions. Tecnico-making and contemporary furniture Modular: focus on design and manufacturing of modular wood furniture and materials. Tecnico Modular Homes Building in Wood: Effective planning and organizing human resources, technical and technological matters involved in the construction process of a modular home out of wood. NEW! Specialization in Management Process Constructive Housing ModularesFechas Registration: 23 and July 24, 2009 Time: 7: oo am 7:00 p.m. On the web: EVENT DISCLOSURE TECNOLoGIC0 SENA-PEGAUCHO-TABLEMAC’NUEVOS MATERIALS AND PROCESSES FOR THE PREPARATION OF FURNITURE ‘::::::::::::: The wood is probably the only renewable raw material that is used on a large scale and in which its use will not harm the environment. It is a material that has permanently and continuously present throughout the history of civilization in almost all human activities. Today, thanks to the development of new technologies have been improved products and new materials that allow to develop different application fields, which is why the Furniture Technology Center Sena in companies with enterprise Pegaucho companies recognized as industry leading adhesives specializing in produce, industrialize and commercialize solutions paste, sealants and complementary products and Tablemac a leader in innovation and development of particle board wood, always committed to the protection of nature, took place one day in technology Withdrawal of the town with business sector with the aim to sensitize participants to the use of new materials and new processes with new environment-friendly in the manufacture of furniture. Thus the Furniture Technology Center to continue with the upgrade of industrial timber company in the industry. CONFERENCE ON DRYING TECHNOLOGY ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: homogenizing and SANETIZACIoN OF WOOD: When we speak of wood drying we are referring to the relationship between the wood and moisture, no doubt, is one of the most important topics of the technology in question, that is why the Furniture Technology Center of the Seine Regional Antioquia, updates on topics to trainees of great importance, through international experts. With the support of the Forestry Engineer, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Argentina) Atencia Maria Elena, who has devoted his life to studying the drying process was carried out on a day that technology with our apprentices shared concepts and experiences valuable to our industry. So as apprentices on training, especially in the productive process technologists Wood and technologists in the primary processing of the Wood Technology Center Furniture, are becoming more competitive and take the world face the challenge of working with criteria clear on each of the processes involved in wood processing.

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