First and Second Class

In today’s world, things happen very fast and technology is an ever more fundamental and essential to ‘be’ connected with the world today. The revolution has brought the Internet and the digital network for world has been comparable to the invention of television or radio at the time. I sincerely believe that many of the journalists who attended the graduate level, we think we know much of the Internet and digital world, but the truth is that we use an extremely partisan and limited the real possibilities that we offer. We are the present and future of the profession, and we need to strengthen all the options for transfer of information around us. To begin to say that the concept refers to an Internet provider and a client communication is where we connect the PC to the Internet. Curious real ‘phone number of the Internet server is an IP address and port used to link one to another, to transmit information through packets. It is solely and exclusively on a computer. is apparently an internet address, but it implies much more. The com (commercial) is the top level domain, and gives reference to what kind of website is. Gov refers to a government organization, net technology, a thousand military education to education, etc.. If we refer to the name or brand of the company (brand) is called second level domain. Content Management System is a tool that uses a company to upgrade all websites to which they are interested, without having to go to all the websites on an individual basis. Save space and time. As a curiosity to say the Internet is not an invention created by the American military, but Robert Taylor bag the idea of the Department of Defense United States, but put it into action for the purpose of communication between people, not for ‘marines’. .

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