Entered amount will be used in the system 'Biznes.Personal' in all calculations where applicable amount of subsistence for the period from the date of its of the date of commencement of the next record amount of new living wage. 2. Definition of calculation involved in calculating the amount to be indexed. To determine the list of charges involved in the calculating the amount of wages subject to indexation in an automated complex 'Biznes.Personal' a system of accounting registers. Register account – a concept that combines certain characteristics of different objects in single group of records.

Signs of combining objects on the register of records, generated by a table reentrant. Accounting registers user who has specific access rights can create yourself to work with various objects in a convenient form of grouping of these objects. To form the register on account of indexation in the form of payroll viewing algorithms necessary to: – Select a bookmark 'Registers of accounting. " – Using the rules of the form view tree structure, add an entry to the register records. – In the edit form to enter the name of the account register Register account the indexation of income and select from the drop-down list the category of 'indexation of income'. – The tab 'accounting registers' special action to cause the edit form Table reentrant and positioned on a column entered Register account the indexation of income. – Double click on the intersection of the rows of charge to the column index register in revenue noted by 'X' those kinds of charges, which are involved in forming the sum for indexing.

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