The Technology

(OSTROWER, 1990, P. 188) So that determined tools of use of the computer in the fashion drawing they can be used, is necessary that if it has a good technology of the information, and that the individual is using that it, is knowing fully what makes. From there the importance of if having a knowledge deepened the drawing techniques that can be used with aid of the computer. 4 WHAT IT IS TECHNOLOGY OF THE INFORMATION? The Technology of the Information can be appraised as technological and computational resources for generation and use of the information. Another concept can all be and any device that has capacity to treat given and/or information, as much of sistmica form as sporadical, wants is applied to the product, wants is applied in the process.

(REZENDE, 2000; CROSS, 1998). YOU it is based on the following components (REZENDE, 2000, P. 76): The peripheral hardware and its devices; Software and its resources; Systems of telecommunications; Management of data and information. It can be said that the Technology of the Information (YOU) is the set of dedicated not human resources to the storage, processing and communication of the information, and the way as these resources is organized in a system capable to execute a task set library. However, one does not restrict the equipment (the hardware), programs (software) and communication of data, therefore diverse relative technologies to the planning of computer science exist, to the development of systems, the support to software, the processes of production and operation, to the support of the hardware, among others. The speed with that all dumb all moment has determined an imminent update of the techniques, tools and ways to manage a company, making with that some administrators hug even though involuntarily, some technological resource that if adapte to its business. The world is if transforming into an interlaced net of computerized corporations.

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