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On the same wavelength A common mistake when installing metal – not just the wrong choice of screws, but and misuse of their attachment. There are two mounting options: up or down wave. The experts strongly recommended that you use the second method. Otherwise, there may be "complications". According to the experts Research and Production Center "Roof" (Samara), "Profile stiffness of metal on top of the wave is not enough for a tight clamping washer and the substrate. In addition, the upper wave has a sharp radius, where there is no convenient place for landfall. Tightened with a screwdriver screw squeezes metal roofing, in violation of decorative profile properties. Another serious drawback of fixing up the waves is the inability to most reliable attachment. To read more click here: GoPro Hero 9.

One result of this error is noise caused by metal tile in strong winds due to incomplete adjacency. By the way, at the end of 3 months after installation should be perform broaching screws: as any attachment to the tree, it can weaken. The roof also included most of metal on the roof of "mount", and various accessories. They also, like metal sheets, can not mounted back to back. Typically, the length of the overlap is not less than 100 mm and 200 mm, inclined to the horizontal accessories (they still require additional waterproofing in the form of sealant). Particularly well suited for installation snow guard. Because he is under considerable stress, his mount is happening in each wave, and under the metal roofing at fixing is enclosed bars. "To made the roof looked a whole, we offers a comprehensive delivery.

In this case, metal tile, along with the customer will receive all the necessary elements – gutter system, caps, snow guard, stairs, etc. In order to facilitate the assembly of the roof, also provides detailed instructions and assembly plans "- says na Miroshnikov. In any case, you must comply with technology provided by the manufacturer of metal, as He recommends the use and implements exactly the accessories, which together with the sheets would make long-lasting roof. Having on hand all necessary instructions, a homeowner could theoretically make installation and self-participation, although professionals has never stopped anyone. Whatever it was, but know the basics of installing metal roofing should be to supervise the work of craftsmen employed on time anticipating possible oversights and omissions. Elena Grishina 1 2


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