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About MDF

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Features mdf production technology lie in the fact that this material is made from dried wood fibers treated with binders and formed into a plate, followed by hot pressing. Production technology eliminates the use of harmful epoxy resins and phenol. It should be noted that a backbone fiber is lignin, which stands for heated wood. Thus, the ecological purity of mdp is achieved thanks to the fact that as the principal binder in favor of synthetic and natural materials. mdf is tested in laboratories many parameters: the tensile strength under static bending, tensile strength at normal tension slabs, swelling in thickness, humidity, density, surface roughness of plates, etc. They should be moisture-proof, save the form with temperature fluctuations and do not perceive the mechanical impact. mdf meet these requirements.

That is why mdf is widely used in furniture and door industry. Moreover, many experts are inclined to believe that the mdf for moisture resistance and mechanical properties superior to natural wood. Another feature of the mdf – their resistance to various fungi and microorganisms, which makes products from mdf hygiene and safety in the home. Important also the aspect of material cost. Products made of mdf are often 30-50% cheaper than similar products made of solid wood. and Still, the golden mean, taking into account the high performance properties and cost are combined products of mdf and natural wood. In this case, the mdf panels are faced with natural or synthetic veneer or laminate. A variety of colors and textures to satisfy the most demanding taste. A global leader in door Fernando Garofolo, founder of Factory garofoli, using mdf for their collections – Mirabilia, Sublimia (Painted doors) and its subsidiary – the factory Gidea. Roberto Strachchia, a lover of innovation in the door business, also uses mdf in their collections.

Venice Glass

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Among other interesting techniques – fusing, translated to English means "sticking" (this technology for creating stained glass, from ancient times known in Venice). "In the West, the situation of this material now considered very relevant and modern – says the designer, an expert on glass Andrei Vinogradov. – Made from him furniture and accessories give the room a feeling of lightness, airiness and elegance – a visually easy Some pieces of furniture that are necessary, but cumbersome. And the trinkets and souvenirs winning look like in the small and in the spacious room. In addition, the glass perfectly with any style – from classical and art deco to contemporary pop-art or high-tech. " Transparent furniture becomes "invisible": in addition to tables, appear transparent shelves and shelves for books. Standing on their computer or a book as if hanging in the air, and all design on the wheels can move easily in a convenient direction, changing environment. "In the fashion and fancy shapes and original designs – says the designer-decorator Eugene Lusin.

– For example, a table in the form chamomile or the letters S, oblong-bench "clip", glass boxes, chairs, resembling the outlines of the human body, head of the bed, in the technique of stained glass brass (fragments of colored glass inserted into the metal profile), counter tops of the decorative pieces that mimic broken glass. " Again come into fashion stained glass windows of stained glass – a favorite piece of contemporary modern now. Partitions and screens, doors and fireplace screens, in color and structure, the figure corresponding to the overall style of the environment, while at the same time become completely independent decorative elements. "Glass has always considered to be very fragile and unreliable material – the same modern technology changed our perception of it "- says the designer, glass painter Anna Anelovich. – Today we think nothing of sitting on the curved glass sheet to keep clothes in a glass cabinet, or sleep on the bed with a glass catwalk ". The integration of modern production facilities with the latest processing technology allows to realize the most daring design plans. They reject the established stereotypes fragility and unreliability of the glass. Its use in the interior – it is the luxury that can afford a business owner to demonstrate a refined taste and commitment to fashion. Svetlana Topal, an expert of "Astarte prestige"

Road Surfaces

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Today the state of road surfaces can be easily assessed as unsatisfactory. The reason – a constant load and the residual strain on it. All this is due to an increased number of vehicles, and hence increase in traffic flow. The way out of this situation can use geogrid – a pledge that the roadbed will last much longer, besides its replacement and repairs will cost much less. Thus, highlighted the main benefits of using geogrids to create pavement: Increased strength of the coating. Geogrid increases the coefficient of friction loose material, which it is formed. Increasing the bending stiffness of the road 'clothing'.

Reducing the strain coverage at lower levels ground cover by increasing the load on the canvas. Stable mounting surface on the side with loose material. Stability of the road track to , despite the densities of land cover. Based on the above-mentioned advantages, we can conclude that the geogrid reinforced surface – it increased by 50% structural strength. In addition, the intended use of geogrid to reinforce a building material – it's layers, which are becoming much stronger. Even serious loads do not cause the roadway strain.

Due to their properties, geogrid opposes the formation of a rut in the road surface. Before designing the surface, which involves the use of a geogrid, one must consider aesthetic of the objects as indicators with a link with the environmental situation and regulations concerning environmental protection. In addition, it is important to take into account the main parameters its possible changes. Incorporation of these factors will help to choose the right geogrid for the area and tasks. On the effectiveness of the drainage structure, which is the roadbed, and influence established diversions watercourses. To stabilize the river channels, as well as to fill the sections of geogrid, materials of any type, which guarantee the fulfillment of their tasks. Modern technology allows guaranteed to save money and ensure the desired result in the construction of various surfaces.

Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh (sstsp): Manufacturing Technology, The Advantages

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Over the past few decades, the zinc coating has shown high consumer qualities and it became one of the most common methods of protection against corrosion of metal mesh. High protective (Corrosion) properties of this coating due to the fact that most occurring corrosion-active media (in the industrial and marine atmosphere, in fresh and salt water) is a zinc anode, almost all of the applicable Metals. Because of this, zinc is dissolved in these media, and therefore not subject to destruction unless it contains a layer of zinc. Therefore, the life of galvanized mesh, even in conditions of increased aggressiveness may up to 30 years, which at times reduces the cost of its operation and maintenance. To date, there are five technologies corrosion protection of metal, each of which has its positive and negative sides. We concentrate on the method of hot-dip galvanizing is the most common in the manufacture of welded galvanized mesh.

This is largely due to high productivity and efficiency of the technology, and high consumer demand for this type of dip. The process of applying zinc coatings "hot" method on the metal grid is composed of six agreed stages. When hot dip galvanizing requires that welded wire mesh was perfectly clean until immersion in molten zinc, it is only "metal clean" surfaces can react with each other. Therefore, the six-step dip "hot" way, five of them are preparatory "cleansing" phase: 1) Phase degrease the surface of any metal product to be galvanized to a greater or lesser extent, contaminated oils and fats.

Whitewashed Ceilings

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

However, if the ceiling was originally whitewashed, will have to clear it from the whitewash, which requires a lot of time. One has only to pay close attention to use glue. Although, in theory, you can use almost any of his views, ranging from pva, better yet, choose Special recommended by the manufacturer of. However, this solution still is an intermediate option. Tile is not too strong and after a couple of years may begin to fall off.

A good solution to the problem of office "Sky" are suspended ceilings (eg, Extenzo). This is a fairly simple design, consisting of a special cage (baguette) and a thin vinyl film. However, the apparent simplicity hides the-art technology and materials – in fact a very durable material not only withstands up to 10 liters of water per square meter of surface (a problem of leakage is solved!), but also very aesthetic look. During the installation of stretch ceiling specialists with special heat guns heat the vinyl sheet and fill with it in prints. As the cooling of the material shrinks, pulling and forming a perfectly flat surface.

If necessary, such a ceiling can be installed special lamps. The whole operation, not counting measurement and manufacturing takes several hours. Manufacturers guarantee the reliability of structural components and joints for 10 years. There was widespread and suspended ceilings. According to experts, their considerable advantage – system solutions: modules, which include supporting structures and panels, can solve a lot of office problems, from lighting and finishing deployment of communications.