Whitewashed Ceilings

However, if the ceiling was originally whitewashed, will have to clear it from the whitewash, which requires a lot of time. One has only to pay close attention to use glue. Although, in theory, you can use almost any of his views, ranging from pva, better yet, choose Special recommended by the manufacturer of. However, this solution still is an intermediate option. Tile is not too strong and after a couple of years may begin to fall off.

A good solution to the problem of office "Sky" are suspended ceilings (eg, Extenzo). This is a fairly simple design, consisting of a special cage (baguette) and a thin vinyl film. However, the apparent simplicity hides the-art technology and materials – in fact a very durable material not only withstands up to 10 liters of water per square meter of surface (a problem of leakage is solved!), but also very aesthetic look. During the installation of stretch ceiling specialists with special heat guns heat the vinyl sheet and fill with it in prints. As the cooling of the material shrinks, pulling and forming a perfectly flat surface.

If necessary, such a ceiling can be installed special lamps. The whole operation, not counting measurement and manufacturing takes several hours. Manufacturers guarantee the reliability of structural components and joints for 10 years. There was widespread and suspended ceilings. According to experts, their considerable advantage – system solutions: modules, which include supporting structures and panels, can solve a lot of office problems, from lighting and finishing deployment of communications.


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