Venice Glass

Among other interesting techniques – fusing, translated to English means "sticking" (this technology for creating stained glass, from ancient times known in Venice). "In the West, the situation of this material now considered very relevant and modern – says the designer, an expert on glass Andrei Vinogradov. – Made from him furniture and accessories give the room a feeling of lightness, airiness and elegance – a visually easy Some pieces of furniture that are necessary, but cumbersome. And the trinkets and souvenirs winning look like in the small and in the spacious room. In addition, the glass perfectly with any style – from classical and art deco to contemporary pop-art or high-tech. " Transparent furniture becomes "invisible": in addition to tables, appear transparent shelves and shelves for books. Standing on their computer or a book as if hanging in the air, and all design on the wheels can move easily in a convenient direction, changing environment. "In the fashion and fancy shapes and original designs – says the designer-decorator Eugene Lusin.

– For example, a table in the form chamomile or the letters S, oblong-bench "clip", glass boxes, chairs, resembling the outlines of the human body, head of the bed, in the technique of stained glass brass (fragments of colored glass inserted into the metal profile), counter tops of the decorative pieces that mimic broken glass. " Again come into fashion stained glass windows of stained glass – a favorite piece of contemporary modern now. Partitions and screens, doors and fireplace screens, in color and structure, the figure corresponding to the overall style of the environment, while at the same time become completely independent decorative elements. "Glass has always considered to be very fragile and unreliable material – the same modern technology changed our perception of it "- says the designer, glass painter Anna Anelovich. – Today we think nothing of sitting on the curved glass sheet to keep clothes in a glass cabinet, or sleep on the bed with a glass catwalk ". The integration of modern production facilities with the latest processing technology allows to realize the most daring design plans. They reject the established stereotypes fragility and unreliability of the glass. Its use in the interior – it is the luxury that can afford a business owner to demonstrate a refined taste and commitment to fashion. Svetlana Topal, an expert of "Astarte prestige"


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