Martial Arts Study

Technology Special Forces – a martial art, which I divided into 2 areas. First – combative sport that allows men, women and elderly people in the shortest time (1-2 seconds) to hit the enemy so so that he could not continue to attack you after your attack and, moreover, a complete absence of any specific style of warfare. In other words, this trend is directly related to your survival in various situations, as in the street and in terms of combat (combat, attacked by bandits, etc.) Fight instinctively, on the machine, in a certain state of consciousness The second direction – kind of martial arts, which allows you to go on puti self-knowledge, as physical and spiritual. For example the study of contactless technology battle and fight with minimum effort (the fight with the enemy with light touch). Exclusive lies in the fact that you can survive with the help of this direction (that is, a purely applied character) and also develop as a person, self-improvement, both physically and spiritually, through the study areas little known to anyone of ordinary are not privy to this people – non-contact fight. Actually, I believe it's a lifestyle, in other words, some call it – "The Way of the Warrior." That is, for example, I achieved a very great change in life by studying, understanding and practical use the knowledge and skills in everyday activities. To be fully understood that I wish to convey to my dear reader will give some examples Way of the Warrior – it does not mean that you walk with clenched fists day and night and think about how would someone rolled forward for bad or very bad effect in your or any other party Let's start with that question and ask ourselves why we were born? In my research, I realized simple truth, we are here to realize the inherent in our God-given potential. In other words, we should recognize the different ways in which we tend to and effectively deal with it. But the realization of their life chances, their potential in life can be different, one of them is the way of the warrior, that is, through the study martial arts we know ourselves, other people, as well as different phenomena. Accordingly, a combative I have nothing else as the foundation on which I build everything else. Because in addition to martial arts I practice and other activities – business, counseling, etc., etc.


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