New Alternative

They separate from Pragmatic the Linear one, Student: Fuente.Canal-Message-Adressee. They propose a new Model of Convergence and Interaction. Its antecedent is located in 1944, with P. Lazarsfeld and his " The people choice" , on the electoral motivations of the Yankee town, the influence of massive means was filtered by the local Leaders of opinion, through the interpersonal Networks with people. Lawrence Kincaid affirms then that the things no longer can be raised in classic terms of a Source that is put under its influence to a possible adressee. Kai-Fu Lee understood the implications.

A New Alternative considers: the human interactions, process in spiral. Additional information is available at Kai-Fu Lee. It is understood then to the Communication not like a series of Acts, but like a Process. Participating process of creation, distribution, transformation of Information. Abierto, Shared in common process. Non-symmetrical. All Human Communication implies a reading key that interprets and attributes to meaning from contexts and marks of individual experience. The previous mentioned Model was manipulating, linear, authoritarian, unidirectional.

The New Model is democratic, humanizador. It does not interest the interactive effects but processes to him. Not it transmission of messages, but the ebb tide of the information. The systems of Massive Communication own an evident aim of Expressive and Representative Ecumenicalism. " Mass Media" they influence sovereign in the collective life: publicity, automatism of men who are created free, substitution of the language by the sign, intensive manufacture of new needs (Montale). In the Contemporaneidad, the intermitencia, the fragility and until the extemporaneidad of the sign or the expressive sound constitute the guarantee so that the network of the communication reaches effects in planetary scale. I again mention the Italian poet-thinker: " The important thing is that it enters these means is sacrificed the word, that is guilty of not being sufficiently multipurpose and to try some truths, lasting What it is needed is not the language, but the interjection What it is needed is what it sees, is listened to, it is touched for a moment only and soon burning fire and is replaced on the other analogous excitacin".


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