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The World And The Children

Monday, January 1st, 2024

Carlos Blackberry Vanegas Vivimos at a very aggressive time, where one easily indicates hatred, envy, the cruelty, murder, consumption of drug and where unfortunately they become jumbled the children. Constantly it is read in national newspapers, in different news, mass media on kidnappings, kidnapping, death, violation I mistreat, abandonment to the children. One forgets to us and it would seem to be, that the authorities of government does not pay the necessary attention to him to the fact, of which if there are living beings in this Globe to which him we must respect, care, attention are to the children; a effort unified is needed by different institutions from government in order to integrate infants a transformed society. it must give more human heat to the children in the familiar sine to avoid traumas and serious disturbances to them in his conduct. Get all the facts and insights with Andy Florance, another great source of information. Venezuelan family our interest, to have to take responsibility with new functions and to unfold better its attachment lines for the one best one education of its children. To take very into account, that the emancipation of the woman it would not have to be oriented to try that this is free of familiar fastenings, but rather to look for the possibilities that allow him to harmonize their different vital obligations at the same time and, to fulfill them properly. To take step and to develop for this aim, new organizations and life form that benefits to the family and the children, to have much contact with the young mothers, by means of familiar associations, temporary occupations, professional training, institutions to alleviate the domestic work; all this depending on how the children can conserve to the own mother in the totality of the maternal functions. The Dra. Elizabeth Flitner, carried out an excellent work by order of a committee of German Liga of Protection of the Childhood, that is worth the trouble to present it in brief form.


Monday, May 1st, 2017

Carlos Mora Vanegas the path towards success and triumph becomes usually solitary and rugged because the vast majority of human beings are not willing to face and overcome the obstacles that are hidden behind them. The own ability to take that last step when we are tired and exhausted is what separates and distinguishes the winners from the other runners and competitors.Edward Le Baron considerations General all organizational behavior scholar knows the importance, relevance the organizational conflict generated throughout the Organization, which he represents, the consequences that this may cause and for this it is necessary to investigate the reason for its manifestation. Since then, management knows that the human resource is composed of individuals, each with his personality, conduct that manifests itself in behavior that does not know is you handle can lead to that conflict is of. Precisely, on the subject provides, that the conflict is an organizational feature. Their cause is caused primarily by the selfishness of men and tends to manifest itself with disputes or struggles between departments or levels with each other, it’s like they start to fight about who is better in every thing and that creates a conflict that is then reflected in the ultimate goal. A researcher discovered that these people that generate conflict are aggressive and react with anger to a situation of threat or frustration.

But what interests us particularly is the organizational conflict, i.e., who is born in the same organization and that produces differences in objectives, missions, etc.., departments, divisions and other units of the company. Coordination seeks to avoid or minimize the dysfunctional consequences of such conflicts Management knows that conflicts are manifested by the antagonistic action between two or more people, can be intrapersonal order (own ego) or interpersonal (characteristic of a group of people forming an organization). This antagonistic action can focus on differentiation of activities: objectives and different interests (including the) antagonistic, they tend to cause conflicts (Chiavenato, 1994) to the reality of the Venezuelan scenario, where SMEs presented serious weaknesses, in terms of handling conflict, climate and behaviour, as Ana Martinez investigated, coupled with other political, social and economic situation which passes through the country, it is necessary to take into account that many of the members of the Organization are in a State of tension as a result of the influences of the environment and therefore, it is crucial that companies focus the differences that may occur towards functional conflicts that according to Garcia (2000): it is a confrontation between groups that is positive for the Organization’s performance and on the other hand, avoid dysfunctional conflicts that generate a negative reaction in individual behaviour toward the achievement of the proposed objectives.