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Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Ay, ay marketing in social networks. With regard to them, many like them, many give them headaches, to my I’m passionate about. They arouse so many different feelings; but the concrete is that when it comes to promoting your business, either on-line or off-line, social networks we open an unlimited number of new opportunities. Is it because? Well, let’s quickly see Facebook numbers: 500 million active users, each connected to an average of 130 friends, which all passed 700 billion minutes per month on the site. Imagine you have scope to a portion of this social cake, don’t think that it is worth trying the social media marketing? I believe that if. David S. Levine may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The new benefits that social networks we have today are endless.

Use them in the right way can increase traffic to your web site, simplify the relationship with your prospects and convert more sales. Conversely, bad mal utilizadas used they can destroy your image completely. Therefore, and for that you can squeeze all the possible value to your time on any network social, I’ll give 5 maxims or steps to dominate the social media marketing: 1 know yourself not invent titles, not images stories, forces any relationship. One of the advantages of social networking is that you can show as someone real. Do not break this wanting to do you pass by a millionaire. 2 Get a professional profile as much as you have to seem real, you can not look amateur. This goes against the marketing of attraction, since if your potential prospects see you as someone amateur and not as a leader, they will be not attracted towards you.

If they do not become prospects, less than less will become customers, isn’t it? The idea is a profile like this, with a professional picture of you only from the shoulders up. In addition, you must position yourself as a leader from first glance. Finally, your story must be attractive, boring, and not written using some copywriting. Visit my Facebook profile to see an example, and feel free to add me as a friend! 3 Establishes relationships, not sell or You acoses friends as a real person, you should not transform into a machine promote your opportunity/product. You must first establish some kind of relationship with this person, then send it to your blog and there they are convertiram automatically and naturally in your prospects. This is wrong, bad: you should contact someone, provide solutions if so needed. This is the objective of marketing on social networks. 4 Provide value or quality content constantly when update your status or twitees something, fret that this will best serve you for something to your connections (followers or friends). Prevents unnecessary and silly comments, and concentrate on offering tips, solutions or establish discussions (don’t be afraid to be controversial in your opinions, this will create motion around your name, and has much to do with being yourself.) Few do, so be part of this small group and make a difference) 5 directs all your traffic to your blog, your blog is the central core of your social media marketing. See because having a blog and direct all your traffic there is the smarter way to do business by clicking here. Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Original author and source of the article.


Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Ended the season of entrance examinations to universities, students scurry through the corridors of institutions with wide-eyed. Do the potential graduates of schools of schools facing new challenges. This year, the so-called results of ct were serious stumbling block. Already much has been said about the pros and cons of the use. But now manifest, and methodological problems, as well as the issue of corruption: many have argued that with the introduction of ct so sad theme will disappear – However, these expectations were not fulfilled. Unfortunately, the system will lead to the ct that reduces everything to the test procedure and primitivization knowledge. The so-called coaching in the tests certainly dulls the creative possibilities absolutely any individual. Since Russian is a basic discipline for many universities, preparation for the cse on the Russian language is one of the main challenges for the future of the student.

There is a statistic that even Excellent operates correctly ege on the Russian language only 80%. The main reason is that a school program ends with the Russian language studied for two years before final exams. All rules and regulations thoroughly forgotten, the widening gap between the knowledge of the rules and the ability to apply them in the exam. Another very important point. Associative memory of the child works and is logical in terms of cognitive function tests also are being built entirely otherwise. The test is usually made in such a way that the child did not memorize the basic stuff, and small details, sometimes not related to the subject. Such computerization of a child's brain is harmful to the child – he or exhaustion, not understand the meaning of his work, does not see the point. So Moscow ege on the Russian language has shown: "Only 17.5% of the graduates managed to" excellent "and 6% received a failing grade." All-Russian results on delivery of ege Russian language less reassuring. Therefore, the preparation for the cse on the Russian language should not pass on their own, but under the guidance of experienced teachers, and preferably in the preparatory courses of those universities in which planned admission.