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Content For The Site: An Image, Sales And SEO

Monday, March 18th, 2019

We live in an era of information society where information is one of the most important values. Unfortunately, to understand this information chaos is far from always. Internet – a huge media heavy space that was created for a full exchange of information: corporate websites, portals, e-mail, online media, social services, etc. Search engines – a kind of mobile electronic catalogs, the primary purpose of the systematization of information on all available in their database of sites. Do search engines ranking systems exist that help to shape the most relevant issue for search requests. Search bots are trying to bring to the first position the sites that they believe will be most useful to users.

Therefore, search engines prefer sites with unique content (text). In addition, interesting and original texts encourage users to add resources to bookmark, recommend to friends and posting links on forums, blogs, on their own sites – ie in every way to promote your site. Copywriters – is professionals who are engaged in the creation of original texts, slogans, mottos, advertising messages. We can distinguish two kinds of texts, which often can be found at: branding and marketing texts (about the company, ), and special text for search engines (seo-texts). Why a website need a text about the company, it is clear to any visitor. Purpose-seo text – show site on the first position in the serp for certain keywords said. Most site owners understand that the design should be individual. Unfortunately, the practice of ordering texts in copywriting is not very common.

Social Networks

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Ay, ay marketing in social networks. With regard to them, many like them, many give them headaches, to my I’m passionate about. They arouse so many different feelings; but the concrete is that when it comes to promoting your business, either on-line or off-line, social networks we open an unlimited number of new opportunities. Is it because? Well, let’s quickly see Facebook numbers: 500 million active users, each connected to an average of 130 friends, which all passed 700 billion minutes per month on the site. Imagine you have scope to a portion of this social cake, don’t think that it is worth trying the social media marketing? I believe that if. David S. Levine may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The new benefits that social networks we have today are endless.

Use them in the right way can increase traffic to your web site, simplify the relationship with your prospects and convert more sales. Conversely, bad mal utilizadas used they can destroy your image completely. Therefore, and for that you can squeeze all the possible value to your time on any network social, I’ll give 5 maxims or steps to dominate the social media marketing: 1 know yourself not invent titles, not images stories, forces any relationship. One of the advantages of social networking is that you can show as someone real. Do not break this wanting to do you pass by a millionaire. 2 Get a professional profile as much as you have to seem real, you can not look amateur. This goes against the marketing of attraction, since if your potential prospects see you as someone amateur and not as a leader, they will be not attracted towards you.

If they do not become prospects, less than less will become customers, isn’t it? The idea is a profile like this, with a professional picture of you only from the shoulders up. In addition, you must position yourself as a leader from first glance. Finally, your story must be attractive, boring, and not written using some copywriting. Visit my Facebook profile to see an example, and feel free to add me as a friend! 3 Establishes relationships, not sell or You acoses friends as a real person, you should not transform into a machine promote your opportunity/product. You must first establish some kind of relationship with this person, then send it to your blog and there they are convertiram automatically and naturally in your prospects. This is wrong, bad: you should contact someone, provide solutions if so needed. This is the objective of marketing on social networks. 4 Provide value or quality content constantly when update your status or twitees something, fret that this will best serve you for something to your connections (followers or friends). Prevents unnecessary and silly comments, and concentrate on offering tips, solutions or establish discussions (don’t be afraid to be controversial in your opinions, this will create motion around your name, and has much to do with being yourself.) Few do, so be part of this small group and make a difference) 5 directs all your traffic to your blog, your blog is the central core of your social media marketing. See because having a blog and direct all your traffic there is the smarter way to do business by clicking here. Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Original author and source of the article.