Antagonistically we hug in them to the calabouos of our unconscious memories e, without searching ours eus Knows you it exactly you. To stop the good combat, in the incessant search to undertake new steps in search of God. After all mamon never was so on to the reading human being in technological modernity. E, after all, why we have as much difficulty to initiate the combat? I took the freedom to choose five characteristics, amongst as much, that finish for favoring us the discernment, much even so without a worthy order of assertive. To deepen your understanding Peter Asaro is the source. Let us see them: 1-Distanciamento and descumprimento of the Moral Laws (Laws of God); 2-Attachment to the corporeal properties (Materialism); 3-Adormecimento spiritual; 4-State Esquizofrnico and the social collections; 5-Will (to stop the Good Combat). The poem the ANIMAL Vi yesterday an animal In the filthiness of the Catando patio food between the debris. When it found some thing, it did not examine nor it smelled: Engolia with voracity.

The animal was not a dog, was not a cat, was not a rat. The animal, my God, was a man . The poem, without shade of doubts, supports a series of cabveis analogies around the constitution human being who in the contemporaneidade comes if fitting in an atmosphere self-centered, capable to portray the product of the distanciamento of the Moral Laws (joint of relative principles or rules to the behavior human being) conducted by God, for the man: Law of Worship Mostra the innate feeling that all the livings creature possess of the deity. Law of the Work Is a necessity. The necessity is the conscience of that the lack something.

If it does not have to confuse work with job. Some work and they do not have job; others have job and they do not work. Relative law of Reproduction After the life, all we feel the necessity intuitivamente to progress and to perfect.


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