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Info@hand CRM replaces Microsoft Dynamics CRM Peer software is an international software company that provides solutions for data synchronization and backup for over 20 years with great success. Looking for a flexible, performance – based and client-capable all-in one CRM system with a fair price-performance ratio decided the company now to replace software Dynamics Microsoft CRM used so far for the international sales. The race made the (1) all-in one CRM solution info@hand of the Canadian software manufacturer 1CRM, successfully used for several years by the German subsidiary, the peer software GmbH, to control the distribution, management contracts, billing and reporting. The previous CRM no longer was software Dynamics planned transition on a cost effective and customizable CRM solution to the debate. Here especially the ongoing support and license costs fell by their height negative weight.

At the same time were, as often in proprietary systems, the desired individual extensions – in this case a more flexible personalization – were much more expensive than with open source CRM systems. In the task, the three branches of Peer software – as their own clients to map United States, Hong Kong and Germany -, info@hand anyway, convinced all along the line. Info@hand CRM – great performance at a small price Info@hand belongs to the extensive CRM systems. It is based on the open source CRM solution of SugarCRM. “” Thus, info@hand commercial professional solutions, such as SugarCRM Professional “or Salesforce”, is similar – however much easier extensible. As realistic in the CRM solution to represent the company’s internal processes, the respective workflows of the participating departments can be set in info@hand CRM according to own. In addition to management in the backend roles and access rights of for each user individually configured and applied personal reports. Based on specifications, the contents of the surface can be with the “Module Studio” easily user-specific fit. Furthermore, info@hand CRM easily resists any comparison with high-priced CRM solutions, but offers a much better ratio, what performance and price.

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