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Select a computer and technical training, to demonstrate that you are aware of the latest technologies. Put all your achievements and experiences in the context of future service. A resume shouldn't read like the testimonial at your retirement dinner. But do not get carried away. Fear of age discrimination makes many 45-year-olds in general to remove the date in their resume. Bad idea. Bad idea. HR managers know all about this strategy.

HR-managers are aware of this strategy. Mashable wanted to know more. It's like saying 'I am concerned about my age' in bold letters across your resume. It looks as if you written in bold: "I am very worried about my age." Do not pretend to place young people. Pretend for a place for experienced and mature. Compete at home.

If your resume goes unnoticed by the employer, try to send a functional resume. It differs from the usual chronological resume is that the experience is not grouped by date and by function. The emphasis is on extensive knowledge and unique skills and solid practical work. For example: the applicant applying for a position of financial director, in a summary may appear such headings: General accounting, production accounting, management experience, Teaching experience. And in each paragraph should be presented in detail the relevant experience and achievements. Prepare for the interview Regardless of your age, prepare and train! You can do following. Insight into the company employing the Internet and media. If possible, via search engines collect information about people, who will conduct the interview.

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