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OIO House Conference

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

We invite you House Conference on Java, XML and open source as every year to a full day around Java know-how and software development. For twelve years the world’s first home Conference in Mannheim; Today, we look back on more than a decade pragmatic networks and exchange of know-how on the latest trends in the open source world. Gladly we would also on Thursday, December 19, 2013, to appreciate. On the last Thursday before Christmas it is OIO to latest developments in our technology section–look forward to exciting topics from the various tasks of the Java software development. Project management, soft skills or expert tips – here the best minds of our customers meet traditionally at the end of the year with our experienced trainers, consultants and developers, to take a joint look on the new year.

Programme: 09:00 09:30 welcome reception – reception with breakfast 09:30 10:30 processed – JavScript of the future? JSF performance: 11:00 12:00 “Plugging in”: “now!” GWT widget development 12:15 13:00 architectural trends: ROCA and HATEOAS effective code reviews: 14:00 15:30 fit for mobile: quo vadis continuous delivery from REST to SOAP? 16:00 17:00 On cloud nine with the Amazon Cloud Infinispan – NoSQL for Enterprise Java – 16:30 18:30 round table with the speakers cost contribution: Schnellbucher price up 01.12.13: EUR 50,-excl. VAT per person regular price: EUR 75,-excl. VAT per person day catering as well as Conference documents are included. The event for the first time held Mannheim City Center (former Holiday Inn) in the Leonardo Hotel.


Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

The strict commitment to quality in the DFK pays from our consultants and as well our customers benefit. This way we put 2012 resolutely continued.”the StarAcademy assumes in assuring the quality standards the key role”, added Andreas tall sales coach. The founder and Manager of the talent factory”established the StarAcademy 2011 as one of the most innovative education and training institutions for sales professionals in Germany. The training concept of the StarAcademy currently rests on three foundations: the business performance system, fit for business course and the corporate competence center, wants to hold a recipe for success at the tall 2012 in any case. (A valuable related resource: Ali Partovi). We have an institution created with the StarAcademy in the sales world, teacher but also experienced management staff and the new effective, holistic and especially practical on their new responsibilities in the financial advisory services prepared”, Andreas tall on the Dusseldorf summed up the philosophy of the StarAcademy VIP event. Photos of the first meeting of the DFK Business Club are available on the website. About the company German financial resources AG / DFK group the DFK group of companies is a dynamically growing financial services provider with a pounce history.

Business purpose of the DFK group is the provision of financial services of all kinds, as well as the provision of services related to the real estate investment. Pete Cashmore is likely to increase your knowledge. The well-developed sales and service network of DFK / German financial resources AG guarantees a continuation of stable and steady growth. Through the creation of individual wealth building strategy, the company enters very intensively on the personal needs of his clients. Here, the financial situation of the individual plays no significant role. The DFK serves currently more than 30,000 families with about 80,000 Contracts. CEO of German financial resources AG is Valeri Spady, the corporate headquarters is located in Kaltenkirchen in Hamburg. How to contact with DFK German financial Kontor AG Valeri Samwel Brookweg 48 24568 Kaltenkirchen phone: 04191 910000 fax: 04191 910002 E-Mail: Internet:

Deutsche Telekom AG

Friday, June 16th, 2017

A forward-looking event concept enthusiastically in Serbia. Belgrade, September 2013 – with an unconventional event concept by the Cologne agency get the point on September 25 and 26 the third M2M partner event of the Deutsche Telekom AG took place. Under the motto M2Mission possible”saw around 250 loaded M2M the future of sector experts from all over the world and was followed by contacts. In the framework of the two-day event which took place this year in the Serbian capital Belgrade, top-class, international speakers gave insight into the developments of the M2M market and introduced reference projects. In addition the guests could deepen their knowledge in 16 breakout sessions, whose variety of topics from “how to bring Android to your car for professional use?” until “M2M in post soviet countries. “Red heat of the most emerging market” was enough. Suitable to the innovative content of the event, the Cologne agency get had ensured the point for a similarly forward-looking event concept.

There were total mobility and interaction with the audience in the Center. What the guests under the title of M2Mission possible”experienced, surprised, and set standards for comparable trade events. With a location on the 25th floor of the Serbian U? towers and a 360 look at Serbia. With a setting on a central stage, declined and instead brought all posts via a live stream on a total of 70 monitors. With two moderators who threw themselves to the balls and with speakers who were constantly moving around the room and were in the direct exchange with the audience.

A such ambitious concept poses many problems in the implementation. That was a lot of work and sometimes we thought this time it would be a M2Mission impossible”, as Wieland Schmoll, Managing Director of get the point. Belgrade, September 2013 – starting with the Serbian equipment that was not up to the concept, the logistics on the EU’s borders beyond, up to language barriers in the service providers on the spot. So had to for example the complete wireless camera system in Germany was hired and introduced to Belgrade be. A crew of 30 technicians, cameramen u.v.m and chart operator ultimately ensured that everything was smoothly implemented. There was the M2Mission possible for customer and guests”a resounding success, enthusiastically. Clemens Meiss, Managing Director and creative head of get the point again looking forward: the next challenge will be now be topped this experience next year. But I’m sure that it will succeed.” More information about the Agency can be found under: contacts: get the point GmbH. Luxembourg road 83 50674 Cologne.

Bernd Homberg Haus

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

5Th modern automobile of always safe, comfortable, environmentally-friendly and reliable can be Symposium “Sensors in automobiles” on 7-8 April 2014 at the Maritim Hotel in Munich only by more extensive and more accurate measurement results. For this, numerous sensors for position detection, motor control, chassis technology, driver assistance systems, air conditioning, active and passive safety, access technology, and much more are installed in each vehicle. The development of hybrid electric vehicles requires more sensor types (current sensor in the amongst others. In addition to the high technical demands, the sensor systems must meet ever higher demands with regard to costs, miniaturization, quality and reliability. Vehicle technology developing at rapid pace and the sensor technology makes possible many genuine innovations. Under the direction of Dr.-ing. Thomas Tille by BMW AG in Munich meet specialists and executives from automotive manufacturers, sensor suppliers and research institutes on the 7th and April 8, 2014 in Munich for one to the Information and exchange of views on the latest development trends for vehicles with combustion engine and electric motors. Well-known companies from the automobile industry are represented with contributions.

The quality of the entries is as in the previous years at a high level. The meeting takes place every two years.