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Repair Notebooks And Monitors

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Laptop Repair – the main causes of breakage Modern laptops mean mobile life of their owners and the fact that these devices are often used on the road. So the laptop is designed for resistance to vibration, frequent inclusion and power outages and other minor mechanical effects. However, the laptop itself – rather fragile structure, which must be treated gently and carefully. Despite the prevalence of devices, repair of laptops so far – a costly exercise, and better protect your purchase from damage than to repair it. So let's consider the most common causes of failure noutbukov.Zhidkost spilled on the keyboard.

Hosts laptops often run the table and do not let your "friend" even during meals. Therefore, the ranking breakdowns spilled on the keyboard of coffee, tea and juice take the first mesto.Povrezhdenie LCD-screen. The most common cause of damage to the screen is a drop in the laptop to land or attempt to close the lid, leaving the keyboard packages. This failure is in the ranking Laptop Repair mesto.Na second third place of honor – Notebook battery overheating and rapid discharge. If you leave your laptop on, putting it in a bag, pouch or other container, restricting access of air, expect that after a while you'll have to repair the device. Also, overheating of the battery can facilitate the accumulation of dust inside noutbuka.Mehanicheskaya damage the keyboard.

If you prefer to rattle the keys of the laptop, then soon some of the keys can simply fly away, you will need replacement keyboard. Damage to the hard drive. If you regularly work with a laptop in public transport or places where the vibration is strong, then problems may arise with hard disk – in particular, are beginning to demagnetize the surface of the media and formed the so-called bad-blocks. The most dangerous bad-blocks so that they are almost impossible to arrest, and with time, the hard drive completely fails. Seeing the looming threat of a hard disk it is better to zamenit.Neispravnosti socket power supply and USB-ports. If you carelessly treat ear plugs or other, then Sooner or later they will "come loose", and other devices not podklyuchatsya.Profilaktika breakdowns Let the first step in servicing the notebook will be familiar with the manual. The laptop, like any other device, subject to the accumulation of dust and pollution. Every six months you can open the laptop and carefully clean it up – either alone or in a specialized workshop. In addition to dust and dirt in your laptop you can find the crumbs from bread that had fallen hair, animal fur. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the operating conditions of your device. The most common mistake that laptop users – instead of opening it, they try to "shake out" garbage, turning down the laptop keyboard. Do not in any way is impossible, if you do not want to hit the garbage workers of the laptop. Also be careful with the spilled liquid. If you see that it gets inside the laptop, then the best solution – a laptop to get wet, then leave to dry for several days, not including. You can then open and try to replace burned-out part.