Clean Skin Bochum Is Cooperating With Mind Piercings

Your specialist for radiantly beautiful skin! The Nelson store in Bochum expands its professional network and work with the renowned provider for piercings and tattoos mind piercings in Bochum together. Nelson is the specialist for radiantly beautiful skin. The results in the removal of hair, wrinkles and tattoos of the customers come first for Nelson. This emphasis is always on the use of modern and effective technology, to optimally serve the needs of customers. The clean skin Bochum aims, the skin of their customers with permanent hair removal, to embellish tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. The beautification of the skin is also the existence of mind body piercings, why are both, clean skin Bochum and mind piercings, have decided to enter into a cooperation. Mind piercings is one of the most sought after addresses in the range of tattoos and piercings in Bochum.

Since moving in 1996 to customers at the Nordring 67 from a variety of piercings and choose transfers and by the experience of the holders of the piercing and tattoo benefit. Thereby, they attach great importance to the hygiene and professional work. Through the cooperation, customers to beautify their skin can rely on a comprehensive range of optimally to Y2K. So you can be inspired by the professional work of mind body piercings and the team of Nelson Bochum.


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