The Theoretical

To the same, in many cities quarters submissive even apartheid form almost and that, of when in time, explodes, producing generalized destructions. The problems are intermingled, since they make migration and urbanization. Since they do everyone with the environmental deterioration that is pronounced in the seas, the air and the Earth. It seems to show itself ethics like high-priority task. The globalisation advances like phenomenon that is justified to itself, a indetenible advance, while the policy stagnates, or better it submerges, to take passage to authoritarian tendencies, a possible generalized bud of totalitarianism.

There are lawyer by an encounter of cultures, a respect to the plurality and the diversity. Only with technology not it can, we use although it for the good of the knowledge and like a unique opportunity to learn to respect us by the knowledge that we acquire of the other. III Escasean the world inventors. Protagonists of the theoretical vision of the policy require themselves. Here the truths have demolished and is necessary to go on the new forms of the social organization. What presides to the world is the incredulity. The old woman speeches are deslegitimados. Somebody has spoken of ahistrico sky.

If emancipatorio in the sense to equip the dream with a corpus of ideas is not no philosophical-political exposition either there will be emancipation of the serious problems that us they affect. Nobody speech of a confinement. The philosophy for of theory and praxis. It is necessary to desconstruir the old woman paradigms and to realise the new models being started off of the reality of the today. Those that is dedicated to cultivate the past lose the capacity to think. This intelligent human being is about to raise itself of the terrestrial package towards the search of a new house and must reorganize itself towards the appearance of a new social order.


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