Rubens Onofre Nodari

225, 1, IV bring the following determination: 1 to assure the effectiveness of this right, charges to the Public Power: (…) IV to demand, in the form of the law, for the installation of workmanship or potentially .causing activity of significant degradation of the environment, previous study of ambient impact, the one that will give advertising; Before entering in vigor the New Law, previous 5, that in the words of Rubens Onofre Nodari 6, was considered appropriate and praised for practically all the sectors of the society Art. 1. This Law establishes norms of security and mechanisms of fiscalization on the construction, the culture, the production the manipulation, the transport, the transference, the importation,> OGM and its derivatives, having as lines of direction the stimulaton to the scientific advance in the area of biossegurana and biotechnology, the protection to the life and the health human being, animal and vegetable, and the observance of the beginning of the precaution for the protection of the environment. (grifo ours). It is had, from there, that the Law searched to leave explicit the necessity to correct a lapse left in the previous legislation. Comprovadamente the obedience the beginning of the precaution retraces the times well more distant, being able to be observed already in the Convention on Biological Diversity CDB, that appeared with the Declaration of the River, in 1992, in the occasion of River principle 15 of the Declaration of the River, the beginning of the precaution thus is established: .All this quarrel on the ability to become fullfilled the due concessions, and the form for which if it must proceed to the mentioned concessions, arrives in port in such a way in the ambient ability of the State, that are the responsible greater for the preservation of the habitat, directly how much indirectly (moment in which it is charged to alert the population on the preservation necessities).


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