Educational Qualification

The participation in projects to lower the inequality and the low educative quality the atmosphere design and models educative of education learning the development of programs for the Formation educational the design of education programs learning in virtual surroundings and multimedia In Teaching in Educative Institutions; in Qualification in Departments of qualification of any Organization; in Educative Administration in External Consultancy; in Educative technology in Independent organizations of support to the communitarian educative processes. The withdrawn ones of the Degree in Pedagogy can evolve in the own activities of the educator in their spaces of professional action, to the integral being of the human equipment of an educative institution of any educative or enterprise level in the departments of: Planning, Evaluation, Educational Qualification and of Academic Formation, Clinics or Cultural Institutions of Special Education, Centers and of Recreation, Educative Research centers, Psychopedagogical Offices of Consultant’s office, Centers and Departments of Vocational and Professional Direction, among others In basic education; the basic education includes/understands, primary education and secondary education, that is basically the action land, not discarding that could work in a preparatory one or in a baccalaureate. Conclusion the different professions that are related to the education, are very important and criterion no would have to be independent, in the first place because although each has perhaps different battle areas, all finally they are related to the human being and are worried to give a better growth of the individuals in our society as far as the educative field it refers, all has aspects that are very interesting, each account with a specific profile what the difference in its object of study and its battle area marks, which if it seems to me until certain very ethical point, important and that in our days is ignored, is what each profesionista only evolves in their area and in its area, Because how psicopedagogo can contribute to the 100% in the area of educative psychology when it does not have all the laid the foundations knowledge good? , finally him rest importance to any, nor I will not find pros or cons either, because all is very valuable. Original author and source of the article.


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