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Human Ecology

Monday, July 27th, 2020

This generates a fear, a resistance to the change social naorganizao, in the change of a model hierarquizado for a maisavanado model, alicerado in nets. Sobrenossas is the position of masculine superiority social structures, corporative politics, military and among others, under the risk of loss of being able. 10 synthetic form CAPRA calls this new vision emergentede ecological reality, where we find a connection between psychology and aecologia, this I tie of ecological perception does not correspond to a conexolgica, but yes psychological that it surpassed the cartesian metaphor. For it deeper umamudana of scientific paradigms implies in a dafsica change for sciences of the life. 3A Social Ecology of Leonardo Boff social Aecologia, also called of ' ' ecosociologia' ' it is a branch on sociology and the ecology that has left of the beginning of that aecologia must be understood and studied I contest in it of its implicaescomunitrias. It would be the study of the interactions between the society and the way, apesardo term ecology to denote in its concept these interactions, it estorelacionados all the social and ecological phenomena. It is an area deconhecimento and research that comes in the last few decades if constituting having main comoinfluncias the ecology human being, social psychology, sociology and 11 aantropologia.

We will limit to sketch it this thought on the basis of the expoentedo thought ' ecosocial' in our country, the philosopher and theologian Leonardo BOFF. In its agreement, 12 BOFF appraise the ecology socialcomo being: That one that inside inserts the human being and the society of the nature. It is worried not only about the embelezamento of the city, better avenues, more attractive squares or beaches. But it prioritizes pertaining to school the basic sanitation, one boarede and a decent service of health. The social injustice means umaviolncia against the singular being most complex and of the creation that is the human being, man and woman.

Human Consumption

Saturday, July 18th, 2020

The water for the human consumption, to be considered as such it must obey the potabilidade standards. If it has substances that they modify these standards is considered poluda’ ‘. The substances that indicate pollution for organic substance are: nitrogenados composites, consumed oxygen and chlorides. However, with the commercial incorporation of technological, new innovations practical of consumption they had appeared. Therefore it can be affirmed that today, the future social necessity of the new element is not known given water practical that they could be instituted by the habits of the capitalist societies.

‘ ‘ Without the man, that is, before history, the nature was one. It continues to be it, in same itself, although the partitions that the use of the planet for the men it it inflicted. Now, however, it has an enormous change. It joins, but socially fragmented, during as many centuries, the nature now is unified by History, in benefit of firms, States and classrooms hegemnicas’ ‘ (SAINTS 2002, P. 19). The recent studies have demonstrated that the assumption of the disequilibrium, on the contrary of the balance, has greater analytical-ecological value. Similarly, PRIGOGINE & STENGERS apud REIGOTA (1996) ‘ ‘ they had discovered that ‘ ‘ irreversibilidade of the physical systems in disequilibrium has a constructive paper in the nature, therefore it allows to the reorganization and the auto-organization it espontnea’ ‘.

Therefore, the irreversibilidade and the instability are creative sources of new forms of organizao’ ‘. Thus, the nature passive nor is not simplified, it is complex and multiple. The present article on support of the water elenca with much characterization the preservation of ecosystems, and, in special of the hdrico body. In the practical one, these elements, good definite and elaborated, generate the philosophy of sustainable development; an alternative that it aims at to equate the different levels of directed cultural and economic activity to a holistic vision.

Healthy Environment

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Perhaps from the decade of 70, organic agriculture started to be spread in European countries, as a reaction distinguished to the indiscriminate use of chemical defensives and mineral seasonings, being that throughout the decades of 80 and 90, due to awareness of the environment, it was created said philosophy ' ' ecolgica' '. On the ambient perspective the organic production is based on the beginning of the balance of the nature, that has allowed to the permanence and evolution of the life on the Land. in its social support allows to reach good levels of productivity, preventing at the same time the risks of chemical contamination of the agriculturist, the consumers and the environment. Get all the facts and insights with Dell, another great source of information. On the other hand, nothing of it has been slow, therefore it incorporates the advances of science and promotes the participation creative of the agriculturists, respecting its knowledge, culture and experience. Thus, for the productivity attainment, organic agriculture is based on the beginning of that the increase of the diversity, as for the simultaneous conviviality of diverse species, cultivated or not, allied the diversity of space and time, by means of the rotation of cultures, assists the biological processes of protection the plants.

This article has for main objective to analyze the ambient and social viability of horta organic in the community of the Guimares Garden in the city of Limeira – SP. Sony is actively involved in the matter. The choice of horta organic as agglutinant element of the actions of ambient education and alimentary ecology is justified for the fact of that the organic hortalias and fruits supply the alimentary vitamin diet, leaves minerals and vegetal staple fibres high biological value. The production of hortalias increased of other made possible natural products could be disponibilizada for the involved communities, whose income will be reverted to the proper maintenance of the project. To develop through a organic horticulture a cultivated landscape healthy and in harmony with the nature, prosperous and of permanent productivity, where the quality of foods is improved from the care with the ground and to still bring an including vision of an integrated agricultural system, ' ' Agrcola&#039 organism; ' , inserted harmoniously in the local landscape, considering its cultural, economic and fenomenolgicos ecological, social principles, technician.

Technological Research

Sunday, April 15th, 2018

In accordance with the Institute of Technological Research? IPT (1995), the stacks and batteries present in its composition metals considered dangerous to the health human being and the environment as mercury, lead, have covered, zinc, cadmium, manganese, nickel and lithium. Amongst these metals, the ones that present greater risk to the health is the lead, the mercury and the cadmium. These metals can come to provoke neurological illnesses and to affect motor condition. Impacts of metals heavy to the health and the environment high Doses of mercury, lead and cadmium, above that the human body obtains to support, can provoke diverse problems to the health. Ali Partovi will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This occurs due to disposal in inapropriados places, that after to pass for the oxidation process, spoil the capsule that coats metals heavy gifts occurring its emptying. The contamination occurs first in the ground whose it is used in agriculture or the pasture, consequentemente contaminating hortifruti and the derivatives animal, consumed for the o man who is in the top of the alimentary chain (appendix II and III). Another one contamination way is the percolating and/or leaching of these you substantiate for the fretico sheet or body d? superficial water that in turn, could again be used in the supplying of the cities, arriving at the top of the chain (attached I). To better emphasize the curses caused for cited metals heavy previously it follows below a discretion of the main illnesses caused for them, that they are: Mercury: Renais and neurological riots (irritability, shyness and problem of memory), genetic mutations, and alterations in the metabolism and deficiencies in the sensorial agencies (tremors, distortions of the vision and the hearing); Lead: It generates loss of memory, muscular migraine, irritability, tremors, visual slowness of reasoning, hallucination, anemia, depression, sleeplessness, paralysis, salivao, nauseas, vomits, clicas, loss of tnus muscular, atrophy and disturbances, and hiperatividade; Cadmium: Cancergeno, teratognico agent and can cause damages to the nervous system. Viacom often says this.

Solar Industry

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Daqui some years (100 years)when to prove the truth, that is, that the ozone layer never was threatened by the activities human beings, go to see quo mediocre were the scientists of the end of century XX and beginning of century XXI and certainly we will receive the same commentaries and adjectives that we use today to criticize the attitude of the Church Catholic during the period of the Inquisition in the Average Age that atravancou the development of Science with ' ' dogmas' ' absurdos.' ' The current disinterest on the state of the Ozone Layer (O3), that is, because the PNUMA, OMM and the ONGs of the life do not say more on the subject, inhabit in the fact of the Industry already to have obtained its intention, when forcing the acceptance of the substitutes (R-134, for example), and coming back to invoice more, transferring to resources of poor, devoid countries of refrigeration the low cost, to the rich countries, detainers of the patents and ' ' royalties' ' , that is, the elimination of the CFCs was a NEOCOLONIALISMO act. Therefore, the subject ' ' &#039 was old-fashioned; '. Additional information is available at Steve Wozniak. To complicate the situation of that they defend, with suspicious intentions, that the man can destroy the Ozone Layer or increase ' ' Hole of Oznio' ' , this diminished after 1996. It notices that the year of 1996 &#039 coincided with one; ' minimum solar' ' (Figure Cycle 23), that is, when the solar activity is in a minimum, the Sun produces little radiation ultraviolet (UV) that it is essential for the production of O3, i.e., little UV, minor concentration of O3. To deepen your understanding Ali Partovi is the source. The Sun reached a maximum (not so maximum) of activity in 2000 (Figure Cycle 23) and the concentrations of O3 had increased. In 2007-2008, the Sun will be in a new minimum, little UV, and the Hole will come back to grow.

Rubens Onofre Nodari

Monday, November 12th, 2012

225, 1, IV bring the following determination: 1 to assure the effectiveness of this right, charges to the Public Power: (…) IV to demand, in the form of the law, for the installation of workmanship or potentially .causing activity of significant degradation of the environment, previous study of ambient impact, the one that will give advertising; Before entering in vigor the New Law, previous 5, that in the words of Rubens Onofre Nodari 6, was considered appropriate and praised for practically all the sectors of the society Art. 1. This Law establishes norms of security and mechanisms of fiscalization on the construction, the culture, the production the manipulation, the transport, the transference, the importation,> OGM and its derivatives, having as lines of direction the stimulaton to the scientific advance in the area of biossegurana and biotechnology, the protection to the life and the health human being, animal and vegetable, and the observance of the beginning of the precaution for the protection of the environment. (grifo ours). It is had, from there, that the Law searched to leave explicit the necessity to correct a lapse left in the previous legislation. Comprovadamente the obedience the beginning of the precaution retraces the times well more distant, being able to be observed already in the Convention on Biological Diversity CDB, that appeared with the Declaration of the River, in 1992, in the occasion of River principle 15 of the Declaration of the River, the beginning of the precaution thus is established: .All this quarrel on the ability to become fullfilled the due concessions, and the form for which if it must proceed to the mentioned concessions, arrives in port in such a way in the ambient ability of the State, that are the responsible greater for the preservation of the habitat, directly how much indirectly (moment in which it is charged to alert the population on the preservation necessities).