Human Ecology

This generates a fear, a resistance to the change social naorganizao, in the change of a model hierarquizado for a maisavanado model, alicerado in nets. Sobrenossas is the position of masculine superiority social structures, corporative politics, military and among others, under the risk of loss of being able. 10 synthetic form CAPRA calls this new vision emergentede ecological reality, where we find a connection between psychology and aecologia, this I tie of ecological perception does not correspond to a conexolgica, but yes psychological that it surpassed the cartesian metaphor. For it deeper umamudana of scientific paradigms implies in a dafsica change for sciences of the life. 3A Social Ecology of Leonardo Boff social Aecologia, also called of ' ' ecosociologia' ' it is a branch on sociology and the ecology that has left of the beginning of that aecologia must be understood and studied I contest in it of its implicaescomunitrias. It would be the study of the interactions between the society and the way, apesardo term ecology to denote in its concept these interactions, it estorelacionados all the social and ecological phenomena. It is an area deconhecimento and research that comes in the last few decades if constituting having main comoinfluncias the ecology human being, social psychology, sociology and 11 aantropologia.

We will limit to sketch it this thought on the basis of the expoentedo thought ' ecosocial' in our country, the philosopher and theologian Leonardo BOFF. In its agreement, 12 BOFF appraise the ecology socialcomo being: That one that inside inserts the human being and the society of the nature. It is worried not only about the embelezamento of the city, better avenues, more attractive squares or beaches. But it prioritizes pertaining to school the basic sanitation, one boarede and a decent service of health. The social injustice means umaviolncia against the singular being most complex and of the creation that is the human being, man and woman.


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