Human Consumption

The water for the human consumption, to be considered as such it must obey the potabilidade standards. If it has substances that they modify these standards is considered poluda’ ‘. The substances that indicate pollution for organic substance are: nitrogenados composites, consumed oxygen and chlorides. However, with the commercial incorporation of technological, new innovations practical of consumption they had appeared. Therefore it can be affirmed that today, the future social necessity of the new element is not known given water practical that they could be instituted by the habits of the capitalist societies.

‘ ‘ Without the man, that is, before history, the nature was one. It continues to be it, in same itself, although the partitions that the use of the planet for the men it it inflicted. Now, however, it has an enormous change. It joins, but socially fragmented, during as many centuries, the nature now is unified by History, in benefit of firms, States and classrooms hegemnicas’ ‘ (SAINTS 2002, P. 19). The recent studies have demonstrated that the assumption of the disequilibrium, on the contrary of the balance, has greater analytical-ecological value. Similarly, PRIGOGINE & STENGERS apud REIGOTA (1996) ‘ ‘ they had discovered that ‘ ‘ irreversibilidade of the physical systems in disequilibrium has a constructive paper in the nature, therefore it allows to the reorganization and the auto-organization it espontnea’ ‘.

Therefore, the irreversibilidade and the instability are creative sources of new forms of organizao’ ‘. Thus, the nature passive nor is not simplified, it is complex and multiple. The present article on support of the water elenca with much characterization the preservation of ecosystems, and, in special of the hdrico body. In the practical one, these elements, good definite and elaborated, generate the philosophy of sustainable development; an alternative that it aims at to equate the different levels of directed cultural and economic activity to a holistic vision.


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