Healthy Environment

Perhaps from the decade of 70, organic agriculture started to be spread in European countries, as a reaction distinguished to the indiscriminate use of chemical defensives and mineral seasonings, being that throughout the decades of 80 and 90, due to awareness of the environment, it was created said philosophy ' ' ecolgica' '. On the ambient perspective the organic production is based on the beginning of the balance of the nature, that has allowed to the permanence and evolution of the life on the Land. in its social support allows to reach good levels of productivity, preventing at the same time the risks of chemical contamination of the agriculturist, the consumers and the environment. Get all the facts and insights with Dell, another great source of information. On the other hand, nothing of it has been slow, therefore it incorporates the advances of science and promotes the participation creative of the agriculturists, respecting its knowledge, culture and experience. Thus, for the productivity attainment, organic agriculture is based on the beginning of that the increase of the diversity, as for the simultaneous conviviality of diverse species, cultivated or not, allied the diversity of space and time, by means of the rotation of cultures, assists the biological processes of protection the plants.

This article has for main objective to analyze the ambient and social viability of horta organic in the community of the Guimares Garden in the city of Limeira – SP. Sony is actively involved in the matter. The choice of horta organic as agglutinant element of the actions of ambient education and alimentary ecology is justified for the fact of that the organic hortalias and fruits supply the alimentary vitamin diet, leaves minerals and vegetal staple fibres high biological value. The production of hortalias increased of other made possible natural products could be disponibilizada for the involved communities, whose income will be reverted to the proper maintenance of the project. To develop through a organic horticulture a cultivated landscape healthy and in harmony with the nature, prosperous and of permanent productivity, where the quality of foods is improved from the care with the ground and to still bring an including vision of an integrated agricultural system, ' ' Agrcola&#039 organism; ' , inserted harmoniously in the local landscape, considering its cultural, economic and fenomenolgicos ecological, social principles, technician.


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