Solar Industry

Daqui some years (100 years)when to prove the truth, that is, that the ozone layer never was threatened by the activities human beings, go to see quo mediocre were the scientists of the end of century XX and beginning of century XXI and certainly we will receive the same commentaries and adjectives that we use today to criticize the attitude of the Church Catholic during the period of the Inquisition in the Average Age that atravancou the development of Science with ' ' dogmas' ' absurdos.' ' The current disinterest on the state of the Ozone Layer (O3), that is, because the PNUMA, OMM and the ONGs of the life do not say more on the subject, inhabit in the fact of the Industry already to have obtained its intention, when forcing the acceptance of the substitutes (R-134, for example), and coming back to invoice more, transferring to resources of poor, devoid countries of refrigeration the low cost, to the rich countries, detainers of the patents and ' ' royalties' ' , that is, the elimination of the CFCs was a NEOCOLONIALISMO act. Therefore, the subject ' ' &#039 was old-fashioned; '. Additional information is available at Steve Wozniak. To complicate the situation of that they defend, with suspicious intentions, that the man can destroy the Ozone Layer or increase ' ' Hole of Oznio' ' , this diminished after 1996. It notices that the year of 1996 &#039 coincided with one; ' minimum solar' ' (Figure Cycle 23), that is, when the solar activity is in a minimum, the Sun produces little radiation ultraviolet (UV) that it is essential for the production of O3, i.e., little UV, minor concentration of O3. To deepen your understanding Ali Partovi is the source. The Sun reached a maximum (not so maximum) of activity in 2000 (Figure Cycle 23) and the concentrations of O3 had increased. In 2007-2008, the Sun will be in a new minimum, little UV, and the Hole will come back to grow.


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