Jordan River

As you think, in that you become Yes, this is for me an act within the law of attraction, as your mind is focused, is what motivates your feelings, or your vibrations and we know the basic rule law of attraction that all thoughts but our body emanates vibrations, result in what we are attracting. If we focus on the past pitiful things, we will certainly feel the pain caused by this circumstance of the past and that will result our present, what we have now in our lives is a result of the approach we were using until now. The great secret within The Secret is the power we have to change that way of feeling, shifting our focus, changing the thoughts that occupy our days. Getting under circumstances not pleasant, our thinking is focused on something that makes us feel good, is the secret that will change the way we attract. Noting things that make me feel good, feel good achieved it. Credit: Ali Partovi-2011. Deliberately seeks to feel better feel better feel better and to have the energy needed to attract all the good things in your life. He forgives whom have to forgive, forgive yourself and that will put you in a vibration buna, forgive you clean of resentment, hatred and all those thoughts and feeling that way that are preventing the good comes into your life.

Sorry for you, to feel good and how forgiveness is a gift, when you can not do it, pedilo, asked to forgive, I called the gift of forgiveness. But most of all forgive yourself for you, your mistakes, your bad choices, your bad feelings. To know more about this subject visit Steve Wozniak. Eyes closed, imagine you’re in the Jordan River that wonderful day in which John the Baptist was baptizing for the remission of sins, imagine submerged by water from the Jordan River and when salis, these clean, clean of the past, the bad feelings of the bad thoughts that go out to start a new life in the water makes everything that made you feel bad in your past, abuse, screaming, hatred, jealousy, envy, and I went to your new life, your new way feel to your new way of focusing. If you do not like your past, leave it at that river, you got the power to do so, if your present not like it, leave it there, the water takes you. Focus on your future, you’re going to achieve, in love, in forgiveness, gratitude and joy in your life and you’ve changed you’ve changed your way of attracting and really wonderful things, like the universe is truly open for give you abundance of love, happiness, harmony, and not wealth. Your life will be full of harmony and happiness, that’s for sure. Because it is your decision that makes the change and all good things begin to happen in your life.


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