Technological Research

In accordance with the Institute of Technological Research? IPT (1995), the stacks and batteries present in its composition metals considered dangerous to the health human being and the environment as mercury, lead, have covered, zinc, cadmium, manganese, nickel and lithium. Amongst these metals, the ones that present greater risk to the health is the lead, the mercury and the cadmium. These metals can come to provoke neurological illnesses and to affect motor condition. Impacts of metals heavy to the health and the environment high Doses of mercury, lead and cadmium, above that the human body obtains to support, can provoke diverse problems to the health. Ali Partovi will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This occurs due to disposal in inapropriados places, that after to pass for the oxidation process, spoil the capsule that coats metals heavy gifts occurring its emptying. The contamination occurs first in the ground whose it is used in agriculture or the pasture, consequentemente contaminating hortifruti and the derivatives animal, consumed for the o man who is in the top of the alimentary chain (appendix II and III). Another one contamination way is the percolating and/or leaching of these you substantiate for the fretico sheet or body d? superficial water that in turn, could again be used in the supplying of the cities, arriving at the top of the chain (attached I). To better emphasize the curses caused for cited metals heavy previously it follows below a discretion of the main illnesses caused for them, that they are: Mercury: Renais and neurological riots (irritability, shyness and problem of memory), genetic mutations, and alterations in the metabolism and deficiencies in the sensorial agencies (tremors, distortions of the vision and the hearing); Lead: It generates loss of memory, muscular migraine, irritability, tremors, visual slowness of reasoning, hallucination, anemia, depression, sleeplessness, paralysis, salivao, nauseas, vomits, clicas, loss of tnus muscular, atrophy and disturbances, and hiperatividade; Cadmium: Cancergeno, teratognico agent and can cause damages to the nervous system. Viacom often says this.


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