Christmas Eve

Once on Christmas Eve. This time, as so many other times, we had gathered to commemorate together the wonderful events that seem to precipitate, one after another, from the announcement that the Angel Gabriel, formulate you, one admired, confused, and no less frightened young name Maria. To measure in which we moved in the biblical account, is unfurled in our minds, all the characters, who remain immortalized in that Manger, that even if you have different forms, according to the feel of each one, all have acceded in the depths of our being. Next to us technology, a very special guest for its ability to reproduce the facts narrated in a tangible way, imbued in the realism of shapes and sounds, which tend to have the film achievements recorded in DVD, for its projection on our television screens was also present. The film in question, recounted the biblical events, filmed in such a way that the characters were characterized in the style of the era, they spoke in Aramaic, and all the atmosphere as well as the geography are in strict conformity to the conditions described in the story.

the images showed us Joseph and Maria with her pregnancy to term – in the midst of the crowd that crowded in the little town of Bethlehem, in compliance with the edict of Caesar Augustus, forcing, that everyone would be registered, each one in his city. As it is known, being Joseph of the House of David, was moved along with his wife to the referred place. All the inns were full of people, particular, brimming with family and guests houses, so Joseph had no alternative, to accommodate his beloved wife, making him in a manger, which would be shared with all other animals inhabiting the poultry. In these particular circumstances the child is born and is wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in the manger, the angels go and warn the shepherds who kept the vigil of their flocks, a heavenly choir announces the tidings of great joy and a new star rises and shining in the East, indicating the pilgrims Kings, with its brilliant glow, which was born the Messiah, so look forward expected by all the children of Abraham.

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