Tamagotchi Phenomenon

Japanese company Bandai has decided to revive old and "revive" Tamagotchi. Darling can inform the host about his moods through color screen and a large number of sound effects. Currently, the younger generation is difficult to bring something to the amazement – almost anyone has a mobile phone and a player, a lot of types of gaming consoles, no question arises where to buy a Tamagotchi, as you can get it everywhere. Still, zanimatelnyeTamagotchi, small toys, kids take as something alive. If the Tamagotchi no nurse, then he dies forever, and it encourages the child to think – for it is a real tragedy. Bandai produced toy slightly better, and managed to facilitate young hozyaivam "alien beings" to look after them. Now the high number of pixels on the display acquired shape and observe the picture has become very entertaining.

Toy manufacturers have taken note of tremulous sense of kids to their students, and launched new electronic games for children. New Tamagotchi game could now talk to each other through infrared port. They can raise a family, go to visit, give gifts to each other, get acquainted. Certainly adaptation of small aliens occurred. But until recently were relatively Tamagochchi adapting to life on Earth and, therefore, should be inside electronic eggs. His newfound owner Tamagochi squeak notice that he had the problem. At any time baby eagerly pressed the buttons, to feed or treat a capricious creature. In other words, kids learn to care for your pet, they realized that the poor attention, or even lack thereof, will result in illness or Tamagotchi or to his death, and this take on these responsibilities.

A resident of Hungary established a kindergarten for the Tamagotchi. This facilitated the care of a stranger, and he is in any case, was in charge, even at a time when the owner of Tama in school. The most amusing was that the first pupils "kindergarten" brought not the kids, and teachers. They were happy to look at solutions to problems that students are arranged. Virtual "graduate" sraval learning process, requiring participation in class. The world's first cemetery Tamagotchi was created in the same country. For these purposes, to arrange a special wall, and it has buried hundreds of 'dead'. And after a while some Tamagochi decided to slightly expand the area its habitat, and today you can find on the Tamagotchi phone virtual Tamagotchi on your computer, and of course, play online flash Tamagotchi. And they also demanded the withdrawal, they had to give food, treat, clean up after them for a walk. Today while some have expressed the view that the time Tamagochchi already passed, we now have children present other hobby, began to appear new requirements for toys. Of course the share of the reliability of this is, but only part of it. Buy your use later in life.

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