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Recording Industry Association

Friday, January 11th, 2019

EP Would be a system similar to the law Hadopi but less severe. Instead of to cut the connection to the violators, its speed of navigation would be reduced and the number of pages would be limited that could visit. The government and the great companies of the American cultural industry would be closely together to reach an agreement with the operators of the country. The cultural industry in the United States, in collaboration with the great operators of Internet, is preparing one more a new law more severe than it regulates the traffic of illegal unloadings so that the speed is reduced to the users in case of breaking the law and the number of pages is limited to them Web which they could enter. It is a system similar to the one of France although less rigorous since it does not anticipate you cut. The government and the great companies of the American cultural industry, grouped in Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), would be closely together to reach an agreement with the broadband operators in the United States to limit the access to illegal unloadings of archives P2P by means of a regulation law " gradual". One would treat, then, of one of the majors agreements in American territory in the matter of regulation of unloadings in Internet due to the implication of the sector of the great operators, like AT& T, Verizon and ComCast.

This answer to the violations of author rights who in networks P2P, could begin instructing to the internauts on the copyright and the intellectual property, as YouTube with the users does who try to raise videos with rights from author the vestibule. In case these warnings were not successful, it would be come to undertake the punishment against the usuary violators. It is tried that one that shares archives with author rights, navegue at a smaller speed by Internet. Also, one sets out that these only can accede to " men" based on 200 pages Web decided by the company. The idea that has been shaped in the rough draft of the legislation would come to look for an alternative the laws of " the three avisos" applied in countries of Europe like France, criticized by the UN by its extreme hardness when contemplating the possibility of censuring the access to Internet to users. This agreement takes persecuting for years by the associations that agglutinate the four great discogrficas of the United States and the six main studies of cinema of Hollywood. According to CNET, the consulted sources they noticed that the proposal could materialize the next month of July. Source of the news: The USA wants to concern the French model antiunloadings

Tenth Stage

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Arrival to the Sprint in the day, disputed between Aurillac and Carmaux. The stage did not provide new features in the line of goal and Voeckler follows leader. The German Andr Greipel (Omega) has secured to east Tuesday the victory to the Sprint in the tenth stage of the Tour of France 2011, disputed between Aurillac and Carmaux, of 161 kilometers, after which leader stays the French Thomas Voeckler (Europcar). The German sprinter prevailed in the line of goal to the Briton Mark Cavendish (HTC) and to the Spanish Jose Red Joaquin (Movistar), in a stage that did not provide new features in the general. The favorites passed the stage without incidents. The escape of the day was integrated by the French Remy Di Gregorio (Astana), Sbastien Minard (AG2R), Arthur Vichot (FDJ), Julien the Fares (Cofidis) and Anthony Delaplace (Saur) and the Italian Marcato Frame (Vacansoleil) who initiated their adventure in kilometer fourteen. The difference did not happen of the four minutes, although no of the escaped ones supposed danger for the leader of the general, thanks to the control of the teams of the sprinters, especially, the HTC of Cavendish.

The increase of rate imposed by Omega in the level of fourth category that was to 15 kilometers for the goal brought about the rupture of the group. They remained five runners ahead. The Philippe Belgian Gilbert (Omega), the Tony German Martin, the French Alain Gallopin, the Belgian Dries Devenyns and the Voeckler leader. Gilbert, but hard, left their companions but for want of four kilometers for the end she was reached about the squad commanded by the HTC, that prepared the arrival to Cavendish, that could not add his third partial triumph before the best end of Greipel. Source of the news: Greipel can with Cavendish and Rojas in the tenth stage of the Tour of France

New Contracts

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

The norm includes other measures, between which it emphasizes the elimination during two years of the temporary contract limit that can be chained. Also the term is extended until 2012 so that the temporary contracts can become contracts of promotion of the indefinite use. In addition, the creation of the bottom for the capitalization of the dismissal is posponed. Click Ali Partovi to learn more. This Wednesday will in force enter the decree-law approved by the Government the past Friday that includes the new contract of formation that, until 2013, will be able to be realised minors of 30 years. The Government reporter of Estado (BOE) publishes east Tuesday the decree of " urgent measures for the promotion of the use of the young people, the promotion of the stability in the use and the maintenance of the program of professional requalification of the people who exhaust their benefit by desempleo".

All the measures including in the decree will in force enter Wednesday, with the exception of which it prorogues the aid of 400 Euros for the unemployed who have exhausted their benefits, that have ctos from the 16 of August. The norm it includes other measures, between which it emphasizes the suspension during two years of the obligation to make the workers fixed who in a period of 30 months have chained temporary contracts by 24 months. Also term extends until 2012 so that the temporary contracts can become contracts of promotion of the indefinite use, that count on an indemnification of 33 days per year worked in case of inadmissible dismissal, against the 45 days of the conventional fixed contract. In addition, the decree pospones the creation of the bottom for the capitalization of the dismissal, that was predicted in the labor reform, because it requires an investment that is nonviable in the present economic situation. In order to compensate it, the assumption on the part of the Bottom of Garanta Salarial (FOGASA) of the payment of 8 days per year worked in the dismissals by objective causes will be extended until 2013 that are just and that entail an indemnification of 20 days per worked year. Also, the FOGASA will be integrated with the Public Service of State Use in only organism within six months from the approval of the decree-law. Source of the news: This week in force enters the new contract of formation until the 30 years

Europe Tour

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

The Australian, winner of Tour 2011. One has transformed years in the last to break his fame of segundn. " He will not stop until the Tour&quot obtains; , he assured his father recently. To the 8 years, an accident was on the verge of leaving him invalid. To its 34 years, Cadel Evans has meant in this Tour that has gained everything a sign of the obstinacy of a cycling singular, cold, calculating and obstinate, that has transformed years in the last to break its fame of segundn. " It will not stop until &quot obtains the Tour; , it recently assured his father in an interview in which he defined to his piston rod like an obstinate obsessive sportsman in the preparation of his objectives. Evans fulfills no of the topics of the cycling, neither in his form to run nor in the life.

The first Australian in gaining the Tour comes from another world, of a hemisphere where the cycling does not have as much predicament as in Europe. One formed in the mountain bicycle. He is methodical and timid, he hates the centers of the mediatic circus, as soon as he grants interviews and he rejects all the benefits of the fame. dit-to-drive-returns%E2%80%9D/’>James Dondero. It prefers the retirement of silence, the classic music that listens next to its wife, Italian professor of piano, or the reading of cmic of his loved Tintin. The Australian has completed a perfect, faithful Tour to his condition of methodical computer, that has dominated in all the lands. He controlled the mountain, yielding an acceptable time, to strike the definitive blow in the last race against the clock, that was preparation with the precision of a surgeon. He crossed three weeks before the Dauphin, that imitated the same route, and wrote down precisions of each section, almost of each curve. In that one test he disputed more to it like a preparation than with the purpose of to gain it and later he returned to recognize it once again.