Recording Industry Association

EP Would be a system similar to the law Hadopi but less severe. Instead of to cut the connection to the violators, its speed of navigation would be reduced and the number of pages would be limited that could visit. The government and the great companies of the American cultural industry would be closely together to reach an agreement with the operators of the country. The cultural industry in the United States, in collaboration with the great operators of Internet, is preparing one more a new law more severe than it regulates the traffic of illegal unloadings so that the speed is reduced to the users in case of breaking the law and the number of pages is limited to them Web which they could enter. It is a system similar to the one of France although less rigorous since it does not anticipate you cut. The government and the great companies of the American cultural industry, grouped in Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), would be closely together to reach an agreement with the broadband operators in the United States to limit the access to illegal unloadings of archives P2P by means of a regulation law " gradual". One would treat, then, of one of the majors agreements in American territory in the matter of regulation of unloadings in Internet due to the implication of the sector of the great operators, like AT& T, Verizon and ComCast.

This answer to the violations of author rights who in networks P2P, could begin instructing to the internauts on the copyright and the intellectual property, as YouTube with the users does who try to raise videos with rights from author the vestibule. In case these warnings were not successful, it would be come to undertake the punishment against the usuary violators. It is tried that one that shares archives with author rights, navegue at a smaller speed by Internet. Also, one sets out that these only can accede to " men" based on 200 pages Web decided by the company. The idea that has been shaped in the rough draft of the legislation would come to look for an alternative the laws of " the three avisos" applied in countries of Europe like France, criticized by the UN by its extreme hardness when contemplating the possibility of censuring the access to Internet to users. This agreement takes persecuting for years by the associations that agglutinate the four great discogrficas of the United States and the six main studies of cinema of Hollywood. According to CNET, the consulted sources they noticed that the proposal could materialize the next month of July. Source of the news: The USA wants to concern the French model antiunloadings


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