Physiotherapist Profa.Gisngela Lemos Da Silva Saucers of the Coast the TECHNOLOGY AS PRACTICAL OF the ENSINAGEM the technology in the historical passage has as Greek term? , that it means technique, art, craft e? , that it is the study. Therefore, the technology is the study of the technique, that must be verified in the educative field, as a tool of great relevance for the process of education and the learning. Breaking of this premise if question which the paper today of the professor in the classroom with the arrival of the technology? As some authors as Pierre Lvy (2002) focus that the transformation of the Internet is verifiable in the life of the person human being, in special the professor and the pupil in the aulstica mediation, where these are provoked by the innovations in the connection of net and for the interdependence of the cibercultura and ciberdemocracia, where he will allow some criteria of necessity for the exercise of the citizenship in the ensinagem, for the liberty of speech ideological, taking in consideration the collective ethics, the cultural diversities, as the new space of digital inclusion, using therefore efficient programs: Windows, microssoft, Office, pawerpoint, among others, to make possible a interrelao between people, in economic reinforcement, politician, social, in the coonstante search of quality and improvement of life, leaving of the technological alternatives to contribute with the education of the professors and learning in the universality of the research, education and the extension, in a quantitative process, qualitative and continuous, as the theory and the practical one in teaching and pedagogical learning. It has seen, that the technology searchs to insert the person in the world of the holistic knowledge and the cientificidade of one determined society..


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