Gisela Brodersen

By the way, stress, resulting in traffic jams, you escape as well as the danger of infection in public transport, a health benefits might not quite be underestimated, if you deliberately decided to be not vaccinated flu protection). If so many advantages come together, the decision, which is already overdue, will be easier for us. So, I’m in the moment. Because I personally decided now according to the time of this writing also, I would like to thwart our city from 2010 with a fleet of scooters that longed-for trips in the Erholungsbiete behind the Stadtgrenzewill I even today begin to swarm. I hope I could convince you that individual stress-free travel in the future when you must represent no more exception (I like it in) the 7 years of my stay in our Western neighbors in the Netherlands so much more often than here saw): people (many women) on scooters on the way to work! Not so much with flowing hair (because of the prescribed helmet). I would like to invite you at this point, once via this not unattractive possibility thinking, in your life another piece of freedom closer to come I want to put that you with this article’s heart. Maybe issued we us even on common path in the new year? I wish you many exciting encounters, new insights and the force, pending personal challenges waiting at their doorstep you, to be able to use effectively for yourself and for the benefit of all living beings of the planet for 2010 in any case. Although for a relatively small investment needed, but this would be relatively quick payback and thus forms the basis for a quieter conscience, more fun and less stress on the way to the workplace or to the next shopping trip (more money due to Fahrgeldern and fuel cost savings would then yes maybe even constantly available available). Gisela Brodersen

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