What Is A POS Or Point Of Sale Terminal ?

When we make a commercial transaction of sale, either with cash or credit / debit cards, we can already speak of a point of sale. However, the POS or POS Terminal is an activity that includes, to culminate in a terminal bank card authorization, a cash register, a collector or clerk, a computer with a program to collect and so forth. Talk about a selling point, is to speak of a set of computer accessories and software that work with operations that allow you to print a ticket and / or invoice that prove them a sale, it is also the issue of reports relating with it, and keep track of inventories and certain business operations. Point of Sale are used in a wide variety of businesses, as this activity takes place in a small store that sells magazines, newspapers, candy, even in the large supermarket chain stores, considering all the intermediate companies and the provision of services in the way gyms, cyber cafes, eateries, among many other small and medium business enterprises in which commercial transactions are conducted. Cash registers are now used to record transactions made in a sale. However, tools have been integrated computer peripheral to simulate the cash register, as the cash drawer, the ticket printer, the display to show the customer the amount to be ticking, In addition to the readers that make the operation more quickly and efficiently. Similarly, there are mobile computers with integrated reader barcode, which have led to the preparation of inventories is performed more frequently and almost automatically. This has been a savings, while optimizing the functions at the point of sale. Thus we can conclude very generally, that a POS or POS integrates: Point of Sale Program, cash drawers, Display, Ticket printer, printer reports,, Terminal portable capture, Scales, Bar Code Reader (optional scale). The more equipped to be the most efficient and effective TPV is its performance in managing the business.


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