The System

We are now in a State in which we are handling the current situation. The restrictions are not acts of God, we can do something with regard to them. Others who may share this opinion include Marc Mathieu. The restrictions must supply what restrictions need. From this perspective, little serves global performance system resources other skip the restriction and matching to achieve high local performance. Likely to increase inventory and operating expenses, but is not likely to increase the benefits. LIFTING the restrictions of the system. Raise means to lift the limitation. This is the fourth step, not the second.

So many times we have witnessed situations in which everyone complained about a huge restriction, but to perform the second step, of exploitation, of not wasting what if is had, turned out I had to spare. So do not run rapidly to authorize subcontracts, nor us launch in an elegant advertising campaign, etc. When we have finished the steps two and three, and still have a restriction, it will be time to move to the fourth step. Once synchronized operation of the system should start to overcome the conditions imposed by the restriction, e.g. acquiring information systems that allow us to have objective data about what really is happening in the company, transfer resources to other parts of the system, modify the product portfolio, or even by making changes in the company’s organizational and cultural model. If, in a previous step, the restriction has been broken, return to step 1 and not let that inertia becomes the restriction of the system. But this is not the entire fifth step. We must add a big warning.

The restriction has an impact on the behavior of all other resources of the company. Everything should be subordinated to the maximum performance level of restriction. Thus, based on the existence of the restriction, the company we derive many rules, sometimes formally, sometimes intuitively.

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