Material Towers

All these sensations determines material towels, well, and of course its texture. It is important to define the purposes for which this towel. For the face, hands, body, head, feet. How and where do you generally will use a towel? Will it be a towel after a shower or bath for? This is important because if you know exactly what you want, therefore, easier to find what you need to satisfy Your desires. Choosing the towel for the face to stop his gaze to polonaise of bamboo. With a gentleness and extraordinary tenderness, this towel is perfect as the woman who washes away the makeup off my face, and a man after-shave. It is also perfectly suited for the face towels that contain specific, natural ingredients – to maintain the moisture and lipid balance of the skin, and vitamin E – to protect the skin from free radicals and premature .Potential bamboo towels and fortified, giving unimaginable comfort and softness suitable not only for individuals but for the body.

To soft and gentle towels and towels should be disposed of – An additional special processing of cotton, which makes these towels an unprecedented lightness and softness, and of course towels Modala.Modal addition, it is produced from high-quality pulp timber. Towels are made with the addition of modal reliable and durable, but at the same time, have a gentle softness, shine and retain these qualities even after many washings. For those looking for something more stimulating animating, perfectly suited for massage towels with a unique texture and relaxing your body as the hands who knows his job masseuse. This and towels made of cotton with the addition of flax have peeling effect allowing excellent rub oneself. And the towels and cotton blend higher density (thickness) of towels. But for the baths are ideal bilateral towels. One side is soft and gentle, the other waffle more practical and is a definite plus if you use a towel in the bath. Well, well, let’s recap. All the materials that we talked about today, well absorb moisture, thereby fulfilling the most important function of towels. However, in addition to simply soak up they give you and the softness and delicacy of touch, and an invigorating freshness, and care for your skin. Choose a towel under my personal experience!


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