Engineering Requirements

If 21 these requirements will not be satisfied, the system will be able to become impossible to operate. 2,2 Activities of the Engineering of 2.2.1 Requirements Study of Viability the beginning of the ER process must start through a feasibility study. Through this it will be possible to conclude if it is or not viable, of the technological and organizacional point of view, the accomplishment of the process of ER and the development of software. As Sommerville (2003), the feasibility study has the objective to answer to the following questions: . The system will contribute for the general objectives of the organization? Obs: If the reply to this question will be negative, will not have justification for the construction of the system. b. Inside of the restrictions of cost and stated period and with the technology currently used, the system could be developed? c.

Is possible the integration with other systems already in operation? For its accomplishment, beyond the participation of the software engineers, it is necessary the presence and participation of stakeholders, such as responsible for the areas/the departments that need the system and its final users, end to guarantee a trustworth collection of the information on what software will have to make and the imposed restrictions it. 22 2.2.2 Survey and Analysis of Requirements If the project will be viable, will become it second activity, known as survey and analysis of requirements, which will search to together identify with stakeholders which will be the objectives of the system, that type of service it will have to supply, which the information that englobam the domain of the application, the existing restrictions, the desired performance, among others equally necessary things for the development of software. The analysis of requirements detects and decides the conflicts between requirements and discovers the limits of software and as it must interact with its environment.


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