Proper Management

The very ability to take that last step when we are tired and exhausted is the quality that separates and differentiates the winners of the other runners and competitors. “Edward Le Baron Considerations Organizational Behavior Any scholar knows the importance, relevance to the conflict organizational generated throughout the organization, which he represents, the consequences that may result and it is necessary to investigate the reason for its manifestation. Of course, management knows that human resources is made up of individuals, each with its personality, behavior that is manifested in behaviors that can handle sabersele not lead to the conflict. just, on the subject provides that the conflict is an organizational feature. The cause is mainly caused by the selfishness of men and usually presents with disputes or conflicts between departments or levels each, it’s like starting a fight over who is best in everything and that creates a conflict which is then reflected in the ultimate goal. A researcher has discovered that these people that generate conflict are aggressive and react angrily to a situation of threat or frustration.

However what is of particular interest is the organizational conflict, ie born in the same organization that produces differences in objectives, missions, etc. .., between departments, divisions and other units of the company. The coordination is to avoid or minimize the dysfunctional consequences of such Conflict Management knows that conflict is manifested by the antagonistic action between two or more persons, order can be intrapersonal (I own) or interpersonal (typical of a group of people forming an organization).

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