Creating Music On Your Computer

The first sequencers can be called, perhaps, the ancient hurdy-gurdy, as they had implemented the basic principle of modern music programs: once recorded or "manufactured" a melody with accompaniment – many times it reproducible. Why suffer, to learn musical notation, for hours to hone performance skills, where you can buy ready-made box with a set of hits and just a crank? Maybe Papa Carlo arranged worldwide youth concert Tours and collected stadiums – the primary sources of this silent In any case, it is clear that the demand for such products did not appear yesterday, means, and will last long. In the 70 years of the twentieth century became known as a sequencer synthesizer, a which can be programmed sequence of several notes. Most often they were different versions of decomposed arpeggios. The musician took on such a synthesizer chord, and the sequencer begins 'rinsing' it around range. Sometimes the musicians managed to synchronize the pace of these broken lines with arpeggios tempo play. A little later in odnogolosy analog synthesizers became possible to program a small (one or two cycles) melodic figure. Usually it is used to create a bass solo or party and is repeated as many times as lacking "chutzpah" in the arranger. Managing the various knobs and switches, the musician could in real time to influence the tone and image sequence and, thus, to approach 'audio calculator "in terms of expressiveness to the' live 'instruments.


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