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Alexander Kaymer

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

It is easy to start a business in Hong Kong and we must not travel a lot, because anyone who operates an international business, has come to Hong Kong. 20 Years ago to attack deep in the Pocket, to fly from one place to another, but the world is networked and as the gateway to China, Hong Kong is now much easier to achieve.” DCosta, who founded his IT company with 23 years in Hong Kong, speaks from experience. His company’s portfolio to more sectors has grown since its inception. His Hong Kong holding Vabella includes eight companies, including a trading house and a company that manufactures and distributes. He is also busy, young Germans, including trainees from his former Alma Mater, the WHU Otto Beisheim School of management, the site of Hong Kong to make tasty. The feedback is mostly positive,”says DCosta.

Alexander Kaymer began his entrepreneurial career in Hong Kong in 2006. Grown up in Dortmund, he completed his law studies in Frankfurt and Australia and started in a Hong Kong consultancy. 2010, he belonged to the founders of the consultancy Kayro solutions and took up a position for DONNA cooperation Ltd.. The OEM company specializes in the production of high-quality cookware and manufactures among other three brands for the German company Josef Schulte shore KG. Alexander Kaymer is convinced that the international customer base is very important for the success of an OEM company. The location of Hong Kong have significant to the success of the company: the products are manufactured in our factories in Guangdong and Ningbo. Our customers, including those from Europe and the United States, feature Hong Kong offices.

We offer you various services on-site or organize meetings, depending on the request. The other advantages of Hong Kong’s are an excellent infrastructure for companies, the linguistic benefits, and the simple and transparent tax system in comparison with the Mainland.” Wolfgang Ehmann completed, that some German companies start their business directly on the Mainland, then to realize what advantages Hong Kong offers. I personally recommend smaller businesses to give preference to Hong Kong. Of course it’s always, what to plant, but the city makes it easy foreigners to adapt.” Different cultural habits are surmountable. So is the so-called German directness”sometimes incompatible with the local habits. In Hong Kong and China, it may take much longer until a decision is made. German but expect faster action. They seem sometimes to direct and demanding. On the other hand, there are now many locals who appreciate exactly this kind. “Now I must me through my long time in Hong Kong, even to make when I communicate with Europeans,” DCosta explained. Also the German need stands for precision. To do so, Alexander Kaymer explains the Germans are very detail-oriented. In our factories we make 30,000 Here and sometimes it is difficult to explain that the quality of a pot from the first must meet same, high quality standard up to the very last, the workers pots. Such things can be but solved by a corresponding quality assurance.” KAYMER believes that the city could do more to promote their advantages internationally. Many people know not all the advantages offered by Hong Kong. Many German companies still believe they should after mainland China, to be able to do business there.

Industry Business Network

Monday, January 11th, 2016

The future of the industry is undoubtedly one of a global network the future of the industry is undoubtedly one of a global network in which can present themselves to a company not only with his entire service & product range, but also everyday activities quickly and efficiently handle. This and much more offers for free the INDUSTRY business network its members. A company is looking for for example a new or used CNC machine, she should not only find them and have the opportunity to submit a personal bid in a few steps, but can request at the same time also more offers for services such as transport, Assembly, insurance or financing. The quality of the data plays an important role. There are many business networks.

However, most concentrated on recruiting, job and career. The company data, as well as the members are not checked there usually and groups, forums, event invitations are the main benefits of these networks. However, all new registered are Many companies in the INDUSTRY business network personally tested and verified. Only then can a company present themselves and other employees as members of the network. This ensures a high data quality and security and forms the best basis for each company’s business activities in the network.

INDUSTRY business network offers today many B2B companies, and presentation capabilities and is the only network where manufacturers, service providers, but also organisations on this scale for free can present themselves around the world. In addition news and press releases are listed already at the top after a very short time by Google and other search engines, which in turn can bring more inquiries and sales. Every day WE ARE THE NETWORK in the Internet numerous companies, search for products suppliers but also to new business areas. Due to the rapid growth and increasingly uncontrollable flooding the Internet with information specific finding, and that will be found to one time-consuming matter. “Under the motto WE ARE THE NETWORK” open the industry solutions from IBN system completely new ways to help you with this search, so that you can limit the true core of their businesses. Learn more about our industry solutions

The Balance Sheet Of A Site Depends On Its People From

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

The place, where knowledge, competencies, qualifications manifesting the resource of “Human capital” has distinctive characteristics: human capital of the site factors identified/described, which does not include the site and recover lost will go if the people or this group of people leaving the site, become inactive and others The human capital (HK) is about questions like: what knowledge and what competences are relevant? Behaviour and which settings are important/necessary? What are the most important human capital of the site?, E.g. qualified workforce (% University education, % engineers, % % business economists, executives, students, business school students), purchasing power, population structure (female/male, old/young, migrant, % % German / foreign language). (How can the defined types of human capital a) quantitatively and b) qualitatively evaluated? What indicators, key performance indicators (units of measure % number, euro etc.) can if necessary Be associated with human capitals? The quality of human capital is an important growth factor for the site, because it allows both innovation and quality. Robotics shines more light on the discussion. The quality of human capital is measured by the proportion of workers with secondary and tertiary education. This training rates show the existing innovation potential. The services today are knowledge-intensive, the greater is the importance of this knowledge stored in heads. Thus, the inhabitants of a site are also producers and holders of intangible assets. Knowledge manifests itself in internal communication networks as well as in conjunction with external partners.

Human work is recognized as a source of eco economic value added; It is not by the people who provide them, to separate. Human capital (HC) includes all features and capabilities of people, for example: work skills, social skills, work motivation, leadership. Human capital is in the possession of the person concerned and leaves with their location. I.e., specific skills, competencies, capacities of a location are stored in heads. Knowledge is the only resource that can multiply through use. People are vehicle, not passive objects of design goals, needs, values and the possibility of (re) active action. Check out Douglas R. Oberhelman for additional information. I.e. loss of knowledge workers means thus always also the loss of the site.

People and information/knowledge are a valuable asset. Raw materials, production, business and marketing processes are available for alternative locations. Knowledge, skills, qualifications, experience, motivation and others by people are what not quickly can be exposed in contrast. The human capital involves people who are educated, informed and are flexible. To people that think what they are doing and are willing, to initiatives. To people who are willing to learn and are open to innovative change. To people who are able to to acquire a “just-in-time” basis-new knowledge and new skills. To work people who read literature and are capable in interdisciplinary teams. Accept people who are ready to assume responsibility and co-responsibility for the achievement of objectives. Further information in the context of site publications, such as Becker, Jorg: location indicators, 2010, ISBN 978 3 8391 1823 8 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

Sales Advisor For Forklift Snow Pusher

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Purchasing consultant, it is only a matter of time for snow pusher for forklift trucks – the reasons for price differences, then entered Germany holds winter again in and thus also the snow comes. What is the purest joy for children, can be a problem for entrepreneurs and businesses. Depots and parking must be of the cleared so that the operation can continue without any problems. Forklift snow shovels are a popular attachment for forklift trucks in the winter service, because in most companies, a forklift is available and a forklift snow slide as an ideal option, Mr to the snow masses are. The commercial snow pusher for forklift trucks start very cheap models at prices from less than 500 euros, whereas the high-quality forklift snow slides quickly over 1000 euros.

What are these large price differences for these professional winter service equipment and what snow pusher for forklift is ideal for what usage? Just entrepreneurs or enterprises should at pay attention to the selection of suitable winter service attachments for fork lift trucks on a certain level of quality. The very favourable snow pusher for forklift trucks are often made of inferior materials or for example from very thin sheet of steel. At the same time, the cheapest professional winter service equipment have not always a quick change replacement cutting edge, which is a big disadvantage in intensive use. Serious snow pusher for forklift trucks for commercial and long-term use starting in the price range from approximately 800-900 euros. For that price you get already high-quality snow pusher for forklift trucks, which are built not only for frequent use, but offer even a modicum of comfort: this winter service attachments are quickly ready for use by you only with the forks of the engine truck picks up the truck snow shovel, locking pins to prevent slipping and off go the usage. In addition to the frontal position of the stacker snow shovels can also left or right tilt, so here is a more efficient winter service possible. The price range for these attachments for professional winter maintenance for forklifts ranging far into the four-digit range.

This price for the fork lift snow shovel is due to two things. On the one hand the slightly higher-priced forklift snow sliders have greater room width up to 2400 mm and on the other hand, these attachments for professional winter service for motor trucks feature setting possibilities (e.g. the solid angle is not only easy, but multiple adjustable, so that the position of the snow pusher for forklift always partial snow quantity and space velocity can be adapted to the). Finally, it can be stated that for a snow pusher for forklift trucks for the professional winter service in the commercial environment an investment of at least makes sense 800 euro to a suitable attachment for forklift trucks which is designed for a long and intensive use. Contact: winter service professional shop Dennis Darling Nina angle Strasse 26 46325 borken Tel.