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New Municipal Council

Wednesday, December 27th, 2023

Acclaimed local government changes in the island Hiddensee, the Election Committee of the Office of West-Rugen, has been confirmed at its meeting on September 23, 2010, the results of the elections of the honorary mayor and the Municipal Council of the 19.September 2010 and Office /… published online. Therefore Thomas gene (CDU) to the new mayor of the municipality is elected island Hiddensee. The 10 seats in the Municipal Council are distributed as follows: 4 citizens for Hiddensee (BfH), 4 Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and 2 Freie Wahler Hiddensee (FWH). The opposition against the validity of the election period of 2 weeks. The required for the final, official notice public notice of the election results is apparently only on next Monday, September 27, 2010. People such as Peter Asaro would likely agree. Within 6 weeks, the constituent meeting must be convened municipal Constitution on the the two Deputy of mayor elected and also expected to new members in the District Committee sends.

Until then, prepare yourself Groups, discuss their work on the future committees and develop thematic areas. Thomas gene (CDU), which currently not wanted to talk about personnel, told us on the phone: “it remains even after the choice in the subjects that we have put before the election at the center of our program. Hiddensee immediately needs a helipad, which is also supported by the Ministry of the Interior. The tent cinema issue must be clarified, with the residents and not against them, so that it next spring really can be reopened. And generally we should focus even more on the culture, tourism and thus our central economic factor on Hiddensee would be unattractive without. Follow others, such as Bobby Sharma Bluestone, and add to your knowledge base. We are already in an intensive exchange of ideas with the Neuendorfer free voters, to properly prepare the launch of the new Municipal Council, and finally to allow a constructive, open air in island politics, as with all factions,”, so Hiddensees future Mayor gene. (Editor: Kay Rahimullah, new Island newspaper Hiddensee)


Monday, November 6th, 2023

As is well known, the people of Egypt go back on the road. You demonstrate against an enemy in their own country. This enemy is all well known as known, people in Egypt go back on the road. Click Pete Cashmore to learn more. You demonstrate against an enemy in their own country. This enemy is well known to all. There are the Muslim brothers and the extreme Salafists. But why are they so dangerous and why are Salafists on the rise in Islamic countries? Very likely, the revolution that occurred in Egypt in 2011, is removed from the actual revolutionary. Where were the Muslim brothers, when it was called to gather at Tahrir square? You have dogs now reap the rewards of the Facebook – generation hidden and want to and represent their achievement as yours.

The country that originally wanted to convert itself into a democracy, is now at a crucial turning point. Rusty Holzer spoke with conviction. A new Constitution, without all the layers of the population, was used. Women no longer occur or only very little. Is this Constitution now implemented under the Muslim brother and President Mohammed Mursi, so drop some religions through the grate. The Sharia, a very dubious if not ancient artefacts time, law should be cornerstone of modern society. This is already a contradiction in itself. This Sharia law, if the implemented, has resulted in that, even if they steal only from hunger, the hand will be chopped off people.

Women who have fought for their right to a place in society, should again be forced out of this place. Or if you doubt the religion, can you be convicted and hanged or burned. What is the difference to the dictator of Mubarak can see here? There is no. The signs have changed. Identical revolutions have been made already and they have brought not the trace of an improvement. You see in the Iran. There, a dictator was driven out and replaced by an Islamic regime. There, ancient cultures were destroyed and it will be only a matter of time until one in Egypt the pyramids want to blow up. The single and what has been shown in the Western world, is that religion and Government of a State are not compatible. It leads into a deep and severe depression from which the States only very slowly and very difficult recover. If you destroyed the structures, is legislation in the wrong hands, places judge, forbids journalism when pursuing a dictatorship. Basic requirements in a democracy are freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of expression and freedom of religion but a few. Are these freedoms being restricted, it is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship. Sooner or later people will know the dictators and they are driven out. Hold it very sad that a lot of blood must be shed to detect this. A State based on an indoctrination, is doomed to failure.

Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Open Meiningsaustausch about development cooperation since early 2009 Dr. Dipu Moni directs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh became the first woman. During her four-day visit to Germany, she met with Dirk Saam by the German development organization network. The Bangladesh expert and the Aussenpolitikerin discussed human rights and the poverty situation in the country. She stressed that her Cabinet had the claim of a very transparent governance. With parliamentary elections in December 2008, Bangladesh had returned to democracy. Their country, Dipu Moni, is on a right track, to strengthen the rule of law and ensuring the respect for human rights in accordance with signed UN conventions.

Dirk Saam reported the Foreign Minister from the work of the welfare network for overcoming hunger in the North of the country and for the observance of human rights in the villages. Interlocutors emphasized the need to continue to promote the political participation of the population. Two is it a Concerns, the image of Bangladesh in the German public, which is characterized by natural disasters and Fahrunglucken, to expand other facets. As an example, Dirk Saam called the great successes of the country for the schooling of children. Dr.

Dipu Moni”, contains his impression from the meeting with the Secretary of State, is critically deals with the shortcomings of their country Dirk Saam, and rightly emphasizes what successes the young democracy has.” Previously, the Secretary of State about the intensification of german Bangladeshi development cooperation with Bundesentwickungsminister niebel had spoken. It was to the areas of energy, health and good governance. The international climate protection, as well as the expansion of cultural and economic relations between the two countries were at the center of their meeting with Foreign Minister Westerwelle. Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries around the world, about 40 percent of the 160 million population live below the national poverty line. The Bangladesh organisation network supports the self-help of the poorest population for food, education, and the observance of human rights